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PG has had internet service with BellSouth since he bought a computer. They add the charge to his phone bill. It has worked very well.

At some point, AT&T bought BellSouth. At some point after that, AT&T made a deal with Yahoo to “Power” AT&T. PG got emails warning him about the change. These messages did not mean much to PG, who decided that he would take what action needed to be taken at the right time.

This afternoon, PG got to a stopping point on a picture project, and went to check his email. The outlook express did not work. It was the start of a nightmare.

PG is over call centers. The other night, he called Tracfone, and talked to a young man over a horrible connection. The man did not understand english very well. This is how companies save money, and increase unemployment in the United States.

PG was still connected to the internet, and went to the site where he used to check his email away from home. He was directed to a new “powered by yahoo” site. PG was required to register for a new system, amidst popup screens asking him to take a tour of the new AT&T. Finally, he got through to his email, and found a one word comment to a blog post. Somebody thought the BHO health care plan was cool.

Meanwhile, the yahoo site…which PG uses to check his yahoo account…was now logged in under a new account. Instead of logging in and out all the time, PG decides to use one browser for yahoo and one browser for AT&T. It has been a while since PG used the secondary browser.,

The AT&T page has a place where you can troubleshoot your email, and PG goes there. It tells you to go to an options tab on outlook, and enter a lot of numbers and settings. It did not make the outlook express work.

There is a phone number for AT&T. PG has spent quality time on this, talking to people in India, The Philippines, and Dothan, Alabama. PG never thought he would be happy to deal with Alabama, but he was. To be fair, the people in these call centers are polite and hard working. They just have big problems to deal with, especially with this AT&T powered by Yahoo fiasco.

The number is busy, busy, busy. On the one time in twenty that PG gets through, he gets chased off due to heavy call volume.

PG tried yet another time with the phone number, and did get through to an agent, with a good sounding connection. He is going to try to reconfigure the connection to outlook express.

The last try did work. It took over an hour, and the old accounts had to be destroyed and new accounts set up. By the time it was over, PG was ready to start as a tech rep and talk someone else through the process. He might even move to Alabama.




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  1. activecitizen54 said, on August 26, 2009 at 1:25 pm

    Thanks for sharing this all too common experience with “customer service” from any of the big corporate entities. The people on the other end of the phone have little to no control of the issues and, in my experience, do their best to resolve issues but in all honesty they have their hands tied or are confronted with insurmountable obstacles or unclear customer demands. This is not an easy job for them and having the experience tells me that this is expected.
    Cures range from becoming “a professional bitch” as someone who clearly spells out the problem and offers solutions expected or just resorting to venting and accomplishing nothing. Americans require lessons in effective communication of complaint and corporate entities need to begin to listen. Expecting this of AT&T however is an alien concept to me as that I’ve learned through experience that these creatures do nothing for the customer good.

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