Another Personality Test

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There is a email going around, that you are supposed to send to your friends. This blog might not have enough readers to make the quota, but PG is going to try anyway.

The email is a personality test. Allegedly it is endorsed by the Dalai Lama. PG thinks Tenzin Gyato has more sense than that, and has looked for an endorsement. In fact, a google search for “personality test” at yields no answer.

Official or not, the test is harmless enough. Make a wish before you start, which will be known only to you. There are four questions. It is considered cheating to look ahead to the answers before you take the test. Write down your answers on paper, and then look at the results.

If you want a fancier version of the test, you can go here, there, or wait until you get the email. In the chamblee54 edition, the test will be in blue, and the answers in purple. This will help those who want honest answers. You, in the corner, stop snickering.




1- Put the following  5 animals in the order of your preference:
Cow, Tiger, Sheep, Horse, Pig

2- Write one word that describes each one of the following:
Dog, Cat, Rat, Coffee, Sea.

3- Think of someone, who also knows you and is important to you, which you can relate them to the following colors. Do not repeat your answer twice. Name just one person for each color:
Yellow, Orange, Red, White, Green.

4- Finally, write down your favorite number, and your favorite day of the week.




Ok, are you through with your answers? Remember, no looking ahead!

1-This will define your priorities in your life.
Cow Signifies CAREER, Tiger Signifies PRIDE, Sheep Signifies LOVE, Horse Signifies FAMILY,
Pig Signifies MONEY

2-Your description of dog implies your own personality. Your description of cat implies the personality of your partner. Your description of rat implies the personality of your enemies. Your description of coffee is how you interpret sex. Your description of the sea implies your own life.

3-Yellow: Someone you will never forget–Orange: Someone you consider your true friend
Red: Someone that you really love–White: Your twin soul
Green: Someone that you will remember for the rest of your life

4-You have to send this message to as many persons as your favorite number and your wish will come true on the day that you recorded.



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