The Real Candidates Of Atlanta

Posted in Religion by chamblee54 on August 29, 2009





PG points his camera at an object and pushes the button. Sometimes a good picture is the result. Sometimes the computer can salvage it, and sometimes there is no hope.

Two things that PG likes to capture are graffiti and mannequins. Both are fantasies. One hopes to move product, the other stays in place until the next spraypaintcan works over it. Politics is another fantasy. The only difference is that some confuse politics with reality.

While editing this piece, PG thought of how similar politics is to graffiti. Both are admired more by the producer than by the audience. The public forum is the medium, to be covered by sprayed on chemicals until the term of office is over. At that point, the next public official makes his or her mark on the body politics. If only politicians were quiet like mannequins, then the world would be a much better place.

Atlanta is currently trying to elect another mayor. Shirley Franklin is going to spend more time with her family, if they will have her. There are five “serious” candidates for the office. Two women, three men, one white, and four black. One has a muslim name, but is a methodist. None is likely to be elected President of the United States.

It should be noted at this time that PG lives 3 miles east of the city limit. The mayoral race is none of his business. He does, however, have space to sell on to any candidate wanting to advertise. Any candidate who would buy space on a blog with twenty readers a day should be automatically disqualified .

The two women are Mary Norwood and Lisa Borders. They are the front runners at this time. Ms. Norwood is the Caucasian. Lisa Borders has the same  name as the author of “Cloud Cuckoo Land”. PG suspects they take stands on the issues.

A memo was recently circulated by the “Black Leadership Forum”. The memo states that Lisa Borders is the one candidate who can defeat Mary Norwood, and urges people to unite behind her. The BLF does not want Atlanta to have a white mayor. Ms. Borders is obligated to denounce the memo, while secretly hoping people take the message to heart. It is good training for Mayor’s job, if she  gets elected.

Mohammed Kasim Reed, Jesse Spikes, and Glenn Thomas are the three men in the race. Mr. Reed has served in the Georgia Legislature. Mr. Reed has been quoted as being opposed to gay marriage. The Mayor of Atlanta has nothing to do with this issue.

The only candidate that PG has met is Glenda Bernadette Allen. She is an activist who fights the foreclosure of homes. Ms. Allen was at the town hall meeting in Clarkston on August 10. Glenda Bernadette Allen is the prettiest of the candidates.





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  1. activecitizen54 said, on August 30, 2009 at 9:23 am

    Avery thanks you for his portrait being enshrined within the posting. Natural beauty is the focus of life in the backwoods of Marietta and I’m thankful that city politics are beyond my scope.

  2. […] Norwood is white, and wants to be the first white mayor of Atlanta since 1973. A few weeks ago, a tawdry memo was circulated, urging voters to make race the issue in this non partisan election. A comment thread at Peach […]

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