The Best Thing BHO Has Done

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on September 7, 2009




PG thinks that making a motivational speech to schoolchildren is the best thing BHO has done so far.

The POTUS jobs has two parts…style and substance. The substance part is important, and will be endlessly argued over
(as it should be). The speech tuesday is show biz, the President as leader. A speech to school children encouraging them to study hard cannot be anything but positive.
A portion of the audience tomorrow is African American children. Many of these kids have been turned off to education. Tomorrow, a man that millions idolize, the first dark skinned President, will be speaking to these kids. If their performance in school is improved one percent, then the speech is worthwhile.

The speech is also smart politics. Millions of these students will be voting age in 2012, as well as the teachers who will be listening. Maybe that is why the Repubs are so upset about this.

PG is also grateful that this was not tried when he was in school. Dwight Eisenhower and John Kennedy might have been alright. Lyndon Johnson would lose the crowd as soon as he said “Mah fellow Amuricuns”, and Richard Nixon was not a crook.

BHO is going to make mistakes, and get a few things right. He may turn out to be a disaster as POTUS. The act of making a speech to schoolchildren, telling them to study hard, is one thing he is doing right.




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