Four Years Running

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The Chamblee54 blog is four years old today. The original device was on blogspot. The blogspot account was created to reply to a post at a blog called Fide-O. Apparently, Fide-O is no longer being published.

The second post has a good quote.
“At this point, “Chamblee54″ is a tabula rasa; a newborn critter with the potential to do anything it wants. There is so much to write about, so many pictures to post, and so many things to learn and to teach. I would hate to get bogged down in semantic quarrels about G-d.” That could be said about life in general.
In the past forty eight months, we have had 459 posts on blogspot, and 538 on wordpress. In the winter of 2008, there was an ice storm in Atlanta, and the phone line went out. When service was restored, google/blogspot was not available to this computer. After spending hours talking to tech reps in India, PG gave up. ( The issue with Google was finally resolved. Thank you Avitable)

Soon, PG had to register with wordpress to make a comment at MostlyMedia. Before long, he decided to try posting there, and never did leave. Setting up a separate Chamblee54 domain is a possibility, though one that keeps getting put off.

By the time of the split with Google, PG had gotten heavily into photo editing, and decided that black fonts were obsolete. While the huge numbers that some blogs achieve has eluded PG, he has continued to push out the *matter*.

What does the future hold? Blogs are sliding downhill on the trendy scale. Twitter is the thing now, unless that has been replaced by something PG has not heard of. As long as blogging is fun, PG will continue to do it. He might even get a few more readers.




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