Ham Sandwich

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Sometimes, the “legitimate” newspapers make the tabloids look tame. Three stories today make this point. Blogs can cover both “real” news and tabloid trash with equal lack of profits. HT for the first two stories goes to JoemyG-d.

The mayor of East Cleveland ( presumably in Ohio) is a man named Gary Brewer. He is in an election, and somehow pictures of him in drag have been inflicted on the population. The man is too ugly to be seen in public, no matter what gender his clothing was intended for.

The former Miss California, Carrie Prejean, is back in the market. It seems as though she posed for some halloween costumes. The costumes show a lot of skin. The rumors that Miss Prejean will be appearing soon in a Perez Hilton costume were neither confirmed nor denied.

These things seem to work in threes. Mackenzie Phillips was promoting her new book on the Oprah Winfrey show. Miss Phillips opened her mouth, and her lips moved. A sordid tale of incest and drug abuse came forth. One monday night, Papa John said to his little girl, lets think of Mama Cass and make a ham sandwich.

Her ever supportive step mother,Michelle Phillips, said that Mackenzie was probably lying. Michelle Phillips had previously sent a letter to People magazine, where she expressed the hope that Papa John’s attempt at rehab number nine would work better than the previous eight.

If youtube does not have sound, try another browser. Firefox seems to have problems with youtube. This is the one thing Internet Explorer seems to be better at.





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