Sandy Springs Festival

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PG got the call from Uzi at about 1:30. The power had gone out, and Uzi was ready to go. PG agreed to be over in a few minutes.

Uzi wanted to go to the Sandy Springs Festival. This did not do much for PG, but, seeing as he didn’t have any better ideas, decided to go along. Last year, PG had seen a way to get in without paying the five dollar admission.

The cheapskate method involved walking away from the main entrance, and coming in through a church parking lot. PG saw a staircase that led from the road into the parking lot. About three steps from the asphalt, the front of PG’s brand new walmart sneakers caught on a plank, and PG tumbled to the last step. He was able to pull himself up, declare the injuries minor, and walked into the festival without paying.

The rows of white tents had the usual assortment of politicians, home made barbecue sauce, and wild animals made of old auto parts painted gaudy colors. Almost none of it appealed to PG. The people watching was up to par, and the sunshine..after a mini monsoon season…put the crowd in a cheerful mood.

At one point, a Democratic party tent was ignored, and PG wandered over out of kindness. Uzi saw some papers about debt collectors, and started a cheerful discussion with the democrats. At this point, PG wandered back into the aisle.

There was a tent,full of Jews for Jesus. The lady asked PG if he would like a book. PG said, do I have to read it? The discussion did not last long, with both sides opting not to use heavy artillery.

Before long, the scene was the car in the old target parking lot, and it was time to wonder about dinner. Uzi had a coupon for Folks, formerly known as PoFolks. The Windy Hill location did not have the misspelled menus that had plagued PoFolks. The restroom was clean, and had a paper towel dispenser operated by a motion detector.




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  1. Cecile Long said, on November 2, 2009 at 3:14 am

    Dogs and more dogs…and skinny balloon dogs. Thanks for not bringing out the artillery with the Jews for Jesus lady.

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