The Real Candidates Of Atlanta Part Two

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The current dead tree edition of Creative Loafing has endorsements for upcoming elections. It also has a sticker on the front, advertising one of the mayoral candidates, Lisa Borders.

The only problem is the picture under the sticker. This image is Kasim Reed, who CL has endorsed for Mayor. The sticker is just under the left ear of Mr. Reed, as though he has a large earring advertising his opponent.

This is mildly ironic at worst. A publication can sell ads to whomever has the money. The stickers on the cover are a cute gimmick, and no doubt a welcome profit center for the publication. Still, many picking up the paper are getting a good laugh at this.

Mrs. Borders and Mr. Reed are black. It seems like CL took seriously the memo, recently circulated, about the importance of the next mayor being black.

The next mayor will have to deal with a city going broke. Crucial decisions on how to allocate funds will be made. One of the people running for this office paid big money to put a sticker, advertising her, on the left ear of her opponent. This sticker, and the photo, were on the cover of a publication endorsing the man in the photo. This does not make Lisa Borders look very smart.

The red brick building in the pictures is 939 Piedmont. At one time, PG’s mother, grandmother, and aunt had an apartment there.





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  1. kevin said, on October 15, 2009 at 9:03 pm

    I think it makes Lisa Borders look very smart. Great idea.

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