Conventional Wisdom

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Andrew Sullivan links to a feature at about commonly accepted ideas about psychology. Yes, the imitation Mad Magazine is still in business. The tagline at this facility is “America’s only humor & video site, since 1958”. Cracked has a nifty ad for Diet Coke at the top of the page. More than a few cocola fans consider diet coke to be an abomination.

The post in question has 6 tidbits of conventional wisdom. Cracked uses a vulgar term to describe them…think of Ted Roosevelt and “bully”. PG suspects the tough part of a post like this is narrowing it down to six items. They are:

#1.”Carl is Such a Homophobe! I Bet He’s Secretly Gay!”
#2.”We’ll Find Out if He’s Lying! Give Him a Lie Detector Test!”
#3.”Be Careful! Advertisers Use Subliminal Messages to Make Us Do Things!”
#4.”Cult Members are Stupid, Gullible Sheep!”
#5.”Just Believe in Yourself, and You’ll Succeed!”
#6.”If You Let Your Anger Out, You’ll Feel Better!

Another find at Cracked is a photo series titled “One Queen and Eleven Presidents“. Diana’s mother in law is seen with a football team of POTUS. Her majesty seems embarrassed by Jimmy Carter, Richard Nixon, and BHO. LBJ was missing, and the Eisenhower and Truman pictures have not been colorized. .

At no time are her hands shown without gloves, and does not wave. The empty purse is in five shots, and she wears hats in two. She has dreadful taste in hats.

George H.W. Bush makes a crude gesture with his right hand, which her highness ignores. Bill Clinton is smirking, Ronald Reagan is laughing, and Harry Truman seems to be up past his bedtime. As for which Presidents slept with the Queen, PG would vote for Clinton, Ford, Kennedy, and Eisenhower.





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