Afghanistan Marathon

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The USA is losing in Afghanistan. We cannot leave, for fear of chaos left behind. We are losing if we stay, with the vast amounts of blood and treasure we are paying. The invasion of Afghanistan was a knee jerk affair, a reaction to 911. A post at Obsidian Wings speculates that this may have been the design of the 911 attack.

The post is “Wanna grow up to be a debaser“, written by Eric Martin, and published October 6, 2009. The first part is a history of al-Qaeda, it’s roots in Egypt, and adolescence in Afghanistan fighting the Soviet Union. After that conflict was over, bin Ladin and company were looking for another battle. At first they went after moderate Muslim regimes, but that did not work. Then the concept of focusing on the United States came into play.

” The linchpin to this strategy was to provoke the US into invading a Muslim country (Afghanistan) and thus tie it down for several years of futile – and excessively costly – warfare, while Muslims from throughout the world poured in to join the cause. Then, with the US weakened, bankrupt, fatigued and unable/unwilling to project power and provide resources to its Middle Eastern allies, a reinvigorated al-Qaeda would launch its “near” campaign anew, with its army of new recruits already mobilized.”

The conventional wisdom is that we had the bad guys on the run in Afghanistan, but let up on them to focus on Iraq. PG has his doubts on this. The Afghans fought the Soviet Union off, and they were next door. Even if we were to conquer their armies, the challenge to establish a stable government would remain. Meanwhile, we are stuck, broke, and hurting.

In the 1996 Olympics, the men’s marathon went a mile from PG’s residence. He walked up to Peachtree Road, and stood in front of Oglethorpe University as the runners went by. All but one of the racers was in a pack. The exception was from Afghanistan.

The runner from Afghanistan had been injured, and was running fifteen minutes behind the pack. He had a large bandage on one leg, but continued to run. The marathon runner from Afghanistan finished the race that day, despite his injuries.





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