The Death Penalty In Georgia

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Georgia executes prisoners. The death penalty is politically popular, and not going anywhere. The endless appeals are a jobs program for the legal industry. The morality and effectiveness of capital punishment are sources of endless debate.

According to a report from the GDC,
“The first person believed legally executed in Colonial Georgia was a woman. In 1735, Alice Ryley, a white female who arrived in America on an Irish transport, was hung for the murder of her master Will Wise.” Hanging was the method used until 1924, when an electric chair was installed at the Georgia State Prison in Milledgeville. Executions were moved to Reidsville in 1938.
417 men and 1 woman were electrocuted between 1924 and 1964. A black female, Lena Baker was executed for murder on March 5, 1945. On 02/09/1932, Eddie March, age 16, was executed for a Dougherty County murder. 9 men were electrocuted at age 17 in this time period, all black.

In 1964, the U.S. Supreme Court suspended executions. Georgia did not electrocute another man until 1983. By this time, an electric chair had been installed in the Georgia Diagnostic and Classification Prison (GDCP) in Jackson, Georgia. In 2000, the method of execution was changed to lethal injection.

PG compiled a list of people under death sentence (UDS). There are two sources for this list. One is a report from the GDC, “Inmates Under Death Sentence, January 1, 2008“. The second is a GDC database, GDC Inmate Query. (To consult the inmate query, agree to the disclaimer and go to the second page. Under Sentence Status, choose “under Death Sentence”.) The two sources do not always agree. Using the combined list, 119 names are shown. 5 men on the list have been executed. Brandon Astor Jones, born 02/43, is the oldest man UDS. Wilbur Wiley Dobbs was sentenced 12/73, and has been on death row the longest.

The report from the GDC adds
” Of the 109 currently under death sentence, 108 were convicted of murder and one was convicted of kidnapping. There are currently 59 (64%) white men and 49 (36%) black men under death sentence. There is one white female on death row at Metro State Prison. … When looking at prior incarcerations, 66% of the active UDS inmates have no prior incarcerations. Cobb County is the county with the highest number of convictions on death row, followed by Chatham, Baldwin, Fulton and Muscogee counties”
The one female UDS is Kelly Brookshire. She was convicted of persuading her boyfriend,Gregory Owen, to kill her husband, Doug Gissendaner. A book was written about the affair, “First We’ll Kill My Husband“.

The man UDS for kidnapping is Demarcus Ali Sears. The woman kidnapped was murdered in Kentucky.

The Augusta Chronicle published a feature about UDS inmates in 1997. Many of the current population is discussed in this feature. Google has details of many of the other crimes. Many of the murders are horrific.


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