The Real Candidates Of Atlanta Part Three

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on October 28, 2009





PG had heard that Angel was on the cover of Creative Loafing, and had to see it for himself. The Book Nook has a dependable supply of the tabloid weekly, and was on the way to Cici’s pizza. At the store, the gray haired man with horn rim glasses was talking. He does that a lot. Today, the subject was a man who escaped the Castro’s concentration camps, only to move to New York and catch AIDS. Gray haired man said it was a sad story.

So, there on the table at Book Nook was the current Creative Loafing, with a headline, “The Straight Guide To Pride”. Angel was in a group of five, at the far right. And over his cut off jeans (the green dress looks better), was a sticker for Lisa Borders.

Miss Borders is under the illusion that she is the next mayor of Atlanta. Paying to place stickers on the cover of a tabloid is part of her strategy. The fact that this tabloid has endorsed her opponent is either a blunder, crass marketing, brilliant strategy, or all of the above.

A closer look at the Borders add-on reveals a hidden message. The words say “Mayor on a Mission”, in sans serif boldface. The word MISSION has two balloons behind it, in just the right alignment to suggest a testicular driver. Mayor on a mission, indeed.

It should be noted that Angel would make an excellent candidate for mayor. He does, however, have an honest job at this time. Also, Angel, aka Caboose, is a friend, and hiking buddy, of PG.

Getting back to the Borders sticker, there is a picture of the candidate holding a microphone. Her eyes half closed, her mouth open, it does not take much imagination to see a hint of fellatio. The mayor is on a mission.

Miss Borders also adds a touch of political correctness. The five people in the picture are all light skinned. With Miss Borders paying to be on the cover, an African American is part of the scene.





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