The Real Candidates Of Atlanta Part Four

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Before we get started on this episode of “The real candidates of Atlanta”, a bit of disclosure is in order. PG lives two and a half miles east of the Atlanta city limits. He will not be voting Tuesday. There is enough sleazy politics in PG land to make him consider that one way ticket to Pago Pago. The goings on across the border (singular) is best viewed as a tacky reality show. At least NeNe and Kim are not involved.

In the latest episode, a postcard has gone out to voters in Atlanta. The postcard shows a scrawny elephant in a cave, sitting on the word “Norwood”. A picture of Mary Norwood is on the wall of the cave, tilted to the left. The text reads
“Mary Norwood’s Republican Record/ It’s the elephant in the room she’s trying to hide”.
The reverse side shows a return address of The Democratic Party of Georgia, 1100 Spring Street, Suite 408. The text urges voters to vote for Kasim Reed, Lisa Borders, and Reuben McDaniel. Mr. McDaniel is running unopposed for the Board of Education. The postcard was printed by a union shop.

The postcard states that the Norwood campaign was
“Bankrolled by John McCain’s money men – Norwood’s campaign is financed by the same Republican money men who funded John McCain’s hate-filled campaign against Barack Obama, and who have given to George Bush, the Republican National Committee, Sonny Perdue and the Georgia Republican Party.” And on and on and so forth.
The elephant in the room metaphor is frequently used to describe race relations in America. Mary Norwood is white, and wants to be the first white mayor of Atlanta since 1973. A few weeks ago, a tawdry memo was circulated, urging voters to make race the issue in this non partisan election.

A comment thread at Peach Pundit sheds a bit of light into the cave. Andre, who claims to be privy to State Democratic poop, says
“The rest of the story is that the highest authority of the state Democratic Party, the state committee, did not approve the expenditure or the mail piece. There are several state Democratic committee members unhappy with what appears to be a unilateral decision by Party leader Jane Kidd to inject partisanship into a nonpartisan election.” Just for the record, Jane Vandiver Kidd is white. Governor Ernest is rolling in his grave.
A bit down in the thread is this comment from Spacey G.
“Those DPG people are rather icky and uncouth.”






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