Walking To WalMart

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on November 19, 2009

PG noticed the black letters on a printout turning gray, and decided to get a new cartridge. The supply was available at CVS to the south, or WalMart to the north. PG made a value based decision and went to WalMart.

The Norfolk Southern rail tracks in Chamblee have a gravel road next to them. This road was made for the Marta construction crews, and remains a convenient, though possibly illegal, pedestrian walkway. Before long, PG heard the train whistle, and knew he was in for a show.

Walking fifteen feet away from a speeding freight train is an experience. The convergence of speed, heavy metal, insured goods, and diesel fuel makes for a visceral alarm. PG snapped a picture of the caboose when it went by, only to be surprised by another, even faster, freight coming in from the north. With the Marta train going south, racing the freight, PG knew that it just doesn’t get any better. Reviewing the pictures, he saw that if he had taken the caboose shot a second later, he would have included the second train. Maybe it does get better.

The sun came through the orange leaves of the trees beside the retail palace, and PG copped a shot of old glory flying proudly above the legend, “We sell for less”. Walking past the pictures of Miley Cyrus, in her long legged glory, PG saw a pair of Muslim women, heads modestly covered. Before long PG was in the back, and bravely ignored the glittering toys,  choosing only the supplies that he needed.

Walking by the mens pants, PG saw a hulking black man holding a young hispanic close by. The detainee was heard to say ” I didn’t do anything”. PG continued to the front, found a check out line of reasonable length, and got a magazine to read while he waited. It seems like Angelina Jolie is not loved by everyone.

The lady in front of PG had pink hair curlers, and rode in an electric device. When her merchandise was paid for, she asked PG to pick up her bag and put it on her electric car. PG was happy to help.

In front of the store was a Chamblee police car. The Salvation Army bell ringer was singing “Somebody is going to jail”.

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