The Real Candidates Of Atlanta Part Five

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on November 28, 2009

The race for mayor of Atlanta is going into a Tuesday runoff. PG lives 4k east of the city, but is affected by what goes on there. The choice between Kasim Reed and Mary Norwood is nauseating. Maybe we should say something good about the candidates. Neither is a felon.

Channell 36 has “Thelma and Louise”, which might have something to do with this election. Well maybe, seeing as how the gurls are in a honky tonk, and there are no dark faces in sight. ( A waitress in a coffee shop breaks the color barrier later.) The race factor is …”neither of those two is the murdering type”.

During the commercials for pringles and sudafed, there are a few things that could be said about this election. There is a bit of pandering going on, both for the gay community and the Jesus worship community. Kasim “I talked to my pastor about this” Reed thinks that same sex marriage is icky. Never mind that as a legislator he favored mandatory hiv testing for prison inmates. Never mind that the Mayor of Atlanta has nothing to do with who can get married in the state of Georgia.

Back to the real world. Louise and Thelma are driving drunk, killed a man in a parking lot, and there is not a policeman in sight. The police get involved before it all ends.

The product at the next commercial break was Mary Norwood. She wore a pretty blue sweater that covered her throat. The bottom of the picture showed the outline of her bosom. Mrs. Norwood would be the mayor of all the people, northside or southside.

There is dirt on both candidates. Some say that Mary Norwood has been useless as a city council person. There is a cached site ( Http:// with lots of goodies on Kasim Reed. In addition to pandering to Jesus Worshipers, Mr. Reed is buddies with a lot of folks in the hip hop music industry. The phrase “next Bill Campbell” has been mentioned.

Channel 36 is following the time honored strategy of breaking for commercials every three minutes during the second half of the movie. PG knows how this is going to turn out, but wants to hear the dialog. As for the mayor’s race…” I’ve always believed that, if done properly, armed robbery doesn’t have to be an unpleasant experience”.

At the end , the teal Thunderbird/the city too constipated to hate goes flying into the canyon. The camera does not show the crash landing.

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