Wrapped Up Like Coffee

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on January 5, 2010

PG is up to chapter/day 28 of “A box of matches” by Nicholson Baker. The man takes self fascination to a different level. Every day starts with the time he woke up, and goes downstairs to start a fire. Firestarting is better in the dark, as is coffee making.

As he writes this, PG is listening to a file of Tom Waits in a NYC studio in 1976. It was recorded as a radio show, with just Mr. Waits on piano and somebody from a temp agency on drums. Right now the number is “Tom Traubert’s Blues” which keeps going back into “Waltzing Matilda”. There is something about a song about a dancing kangaroo, that is some sort of Australian national anthem, this leaves PG puzzled. There is a song about Gallipoli called “and the band played waltzing matilda”, which is even more tarrantular that Tom Waits. Tonight he sings like an ashtray that hasn’t been dumped out in a month.

The relationship of darkness to coffee making got PG to thinking about a dialog from a week ago. Somehow, some folks got to comparing esoteric verses out of the bible, and PG hopped into say , who cares what the bible says, it is not the word of G-d. Well, it seems like someone had a reply. PG sent a note back to him that started ” if you can’t wander in the darkness when discussing the bible, when can you?” This got the other party going, about the symbolism of darkness in the bible.

The scriptures say everyone is wandering in darkness until one “sees the light.”
It occurs to me that the “Light” image can be used in two ways: Is the “light” (bulb/torch/candle) what we seek, or do we use the light to illuminate the way or something else. The biblical literalists seem to be worshiping the light bulb…

Bruce Springsteen wrote a song called “Blinded by the light”. Manfred Mann had a hit song with that tune. The singer keeps saying “wrapped up like a douche”… that is what it sounds like. This was thirty years before douche became the all purpose insult that it is today. PG finds the concept of using a hygiene device, as an insult, to be tasteless.

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  1. El Rayo X said, on January 6, 2010 at 1:13 pm

    The line from the Springsteen song “Blinded By The Light” is “revved up like a duece,” which, of course, refers to a hotrod and not a lady hygene product. The subtitle of Waits’ TTB is “Four Sheets to the Wind in Copenhagen,” which is a big clue that the song is not about a dancing kangaroo or Australia, for that matter, although TW does sample the original tune. It’s really an hommage to Danish singer Mathilde Bondo, taking off on a night on the town (in Copenhagen), and all those bums down on skid row, put there by a woman.

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