Leeland Mark Braley

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on January 7, 2010

Another inmate of Georgia’s death row has self executed. Leeland Mark Braley hung himself in his cell. He was found at 5:12 am., January 1, 2010.

A story about death penalty representation had this about Mr. Braley.
” In Braley’s case, Jacobs said, she knew the jury would consider his crime sociopathic, and that meant she’d need to connect that characteristic to his childhood. Braley, who was born in Korea, was dumped at a Georgia police station by his immigrant parents and later placed in foster care with a woman who refused to hold him for fear that he’d become attached to her.”
The GDC inmate query tells us the Mr. Braley was born in 1973, his race was “Indian”, and that he stood 5’10”. He had been incarcerated after some incidents in Gwinnett County, and was on parole September 2, 1998. This is the story of what allegedly happened that day.

“Leeland Mark Braley of Lawrenceville was sentenced to death for the slaying of Kelli Hammond. Ms. Hammond, 25, was stabbed numerous times Sept. 2 at the business she operated just north of Zebulon. Mr. Braley was arrested the next day in Atlanta after he used Ms. Hammond’s credit cards. In addition to murder, Mr. Braley was convicted Tuesday of kidnapping with bodily injury, armed robbery and aggravated battery. He was sentenced to two consecutive life sentences and 20 consecutive years in prison on those charges. According to testimony, Mr. Braley went into Ms. Hammond’s business to solicit money. When she refused, he returned with a knife and a gun. Prosecutors said Mr. Braley cut Ms. Hammond’s throat and then stabbed her.”

Timothy Pruitt died, on December 6, after an incident at the Jackson Prison. His death was labeled an “alleged suicide”. Many believe he was killed by another inmate.

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