Ooops He Was Innocent

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on January 12, 2010

Listverse has a feature today about 10 men who were executed, but later believed to be innocent.

To the surprise of nobody, 5 of the 10 men are from Texas. Wasting the convicted is a popular pastime in the lone star state.
Whether this translates into the lowest crime rate in the free world is another matter.

Texas was the home of Todd Willingham, who was the subject of an article in the New Yorker. There is an investigation into his case underway in Texas now.

Jailhouse snitches testified in several of the cases. In one,
“Two of the six jailhouse witnesses who testified at trial later recanted, saying they were given cigarettes, television and alcohol privileges, and conjugal visits for their testimonies.”
Five of the ten were white, three were hispanic, and two were black.

One of the men was from Georgia. On November 15, 1996, Ellis Felker was executed for a Houston County murder. Four years later, DNA tests were performed, and found inconclusive.

The long series of appeals and court appearances does not always assure that justice will be done. The courts seem to get in a mood to get the hearings out of the way so the convicted can be executed.

Pictures of the executed men are from listverse. The picture of the electric chair (Reidsville) is from the GSU library.

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