Bad Drivers Part 75

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on January 13, 2010

A blogger spoke out again about drivers who don’t pay attention to the road. Texting, eating, and cell phone talking are all culprits. The solution presented here is shame…take pictures of the offending drivers, and post them on a blog.
PG commented:
“Will you help in the legal defense if one of these “shamed” drivers decides to sue?”
This got two responses: Peter G opined
“Sue on what grounds? Having their picture taken in public? I’m not a lawyer, but I don’t believe privacy rights and free speech restrictions are applicable when it comes to exposing people’s driving habits on public roadways.”
A counter view came from Douglas :
“You cannot publish anyone’s picture without permission. When I was an avid photography hobbyist, I often took pictures of people on the street. I was taught to always get permission. A person has a right to control over his image. I think you will find, if you consult a lawyer, that you could easily run into a problem posting images as suggested.”
Even if the case was thrown out in court, or you won in a trial, the expenses of hiring an attorney are considerable. There is also the very good chance that the “shamed” party would “not get it”. While you are concerned about the impaired driving skills, the person would… with a bit of justification…worry about the reputation damage.

PG has always wondered why the church is so quiet about safe driving. Why is courtesy on the road not seen as a moral issue? The preachers scream loud and long about sexual practices, and don’t sound a peep over the way a person drives.

Update There has been another round in the discussion.
Peter G
“Your “reasonable expectation of privacy” ceases the moment you set foot into a public area, where you have neither right nor control over images taken of you. Getting angry and threatening a law suit is different from actually having a case.
Just open a newspaper, a magazine, or watch the news, and you’ll see plenty of passers-by who never gave permission to be photographed and their pictures published in print or aired on television. If that were illegal, virtually all media outlets would be getting their pants sued off day after day.”

“As you said, you are not a lawyer.”
Peter G “
“The speed of light in a vacuum is 186,000 miles per second, and I’m not a theoretical physicist. What’s your point?””

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