Hot Times In Georgia

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on January 22, 2010

PG spent another evening listening to bloggingheads and perusing the photographs in the “Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University”. Can we say get a life?

The two dialogs ( the preferred spelling is diavlog)( The spell check suggestions for diavlog are diagonal, diastole and diagnose) broke down on gender lines. Robert Wright and Mickey Kaus yell at each other the entire time. At one point, Mr. Kaus was ranting about health care reform, while Mr. Wright kept pleading for him to quiet down, Mickey Mickey Mickey. ( Some groupie in “Gimme Shelter” kept squealing Mickey Mickey Mickey. Mick Jagger is a better performer than Mickey Kaus. Which one is uglier is impossible to fathom)

After about ten minutes of the screaming sausages, PG got a phone call, asking him to get his brother at the train station. When he got back, he could not stomach any more Wright and Kaus. The other conversation was Emily Bazelon and Ann Althouse. They were much more agreeable to listen to, and were able to shut up when the other spoke.

This was two days after the special election in Massachusetts, where some repub beat a demo for the senate seat. Much of the media is in an uproar about this, which is puzzling to PG. It seems like the demo didn’t really want the seat, and the people chose to elect the repub. The ladies were discussing the sex appeal and pickup truck as Mr. Brown.

The ladies were also chatting up the evolution of the political spouse. It was agreed that Hillary played the game better than Elizabeth Edwards. They both seem to have an *admiration* for Todd Palin. At one point, one of the ladies (maybe Althouse, but PG is not sure) got an IM from her husband, telling her to cool it.

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