Bobby Bragan

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on January 23, 2010

The first manager of the Atlanta Braves, Bobby Bragan, died thursday. He was 92 years old, and was in Fort Worth, Texas.

The 1966 Braves had Hank Aaron and Eddie Matthews, who have the most combined home runs of any teammates in baseball. The catcher was Joe Torre. The problem was the pitching, which is a big problem. The pitcher on that team that lasted the longest was Phil Niekro. The problem in 1966 was catching a knuckleball with a mitt instead of a backstop.

At any rate, the Braves lost more games than they won that first season in Georgia. In baseball, the manager is hired to be fired, and sometime that summer, Bobby Bragan was looking for a job. He became the President of the Texas League, and worked with the Texas Rangers. Maybe Mr. Bush is his fault.

Bobby Bragan was the second string catcher in Brooklyn when Jackie Robinson came to play there. At the time, Mr. Robinson was the only African American in the major leagues, and many people did not like it. Mr. Bragan was one, until he talked to Mr. Robinson on a train trip one night. After they got to know each other, they got along fine.

That first summer of major league baseball in the south, PG was a 12 year old, always ready to go to the game. On the last night of school, the Braves played the Cardinals, and lost. PG got his patient dad to go to the tunnel at the south end of the stadium, to get autographs of the players as they came out. When the last player left, PG saw Bobby Bragan leaning against a car, talking to someone.

PG went over and joined the conversation. Mr. Bragan ( who was known to talk) compared taking a pitcher out of a game to selling stock. PG asked Mr. Bragan about an incident where the manager was fired. He had walked onto the field to talk to an umpire, while carrying an orange drink. Mr. Bragan pulled his hat off, and acted for a minute like he was going to swat PG. Maybe he should have.

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