Donald Duck In Person

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on February 2, 2010

There are two bills before the lesterslature dealing with child prostitution. The basic concept is that if a prostie under the age of 16 is caught, then the government can “steer” him/her into a “diversionary program”, instead of an arrest. PG thinks the subject matter of such a program, ran by the state of Georgia, might be rather frightening. But that is not the objection the oxymoronic “Christian Right” is making to these bills.

Some say the bills would amount to legalization of child prostitution. Never mind that the laws against procuring and hiring would be left in effect, in addition to statutory rape.

Then there is the objection of Former State Senator Nancy Shaefer.
“Who will benefit from the passage of H.B. 582 or S.B. 304? I’ll tell you who – the very profitable and growing pedophile industry. It is imperative that these bills be defeated.”
There has been no comment from the Roman Catholic Church.

Pictures of Mrs. Shaefer are from the Georgia Legislature, and from a video, of a speech she made. The other pictures are from “Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”


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