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Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on February 17, 2010

There is an amusing little media incident in Atlanta. A website, the Atlanta Progressive News, fired a writer, and actually admitted it was because he was not biased.

The writer is named Jonathan Springston. The editor/hatchet man is Matthew Cardinale. It seems that APN is in the middle of a (much needed) redesign, and had to make some tough decisions. A money quote:
“At a very fundamental, core level, Springston did not share our vision for a news publication with a progressive perspective. He held on to the notion that there was an objective reality that could be reported objectively, despite the fact that that was not our editorial policy at Atlanta Progressive News. It just wasn’t the right fit.”
APN sees itself as providing “Progressive News”. This is defined as
“Progressive news is news that brings us closer to universal health care, living wages, affordable housing, peace, a healthy environment, and voting systems we can trust.” To APN all media is biased, and they are merely honest about their choices.
PG had only looked at APN once before. There was a link to it after the raid on the Eagle. PG was amazed at what he saw…a few ads, and a list of articles. The site has zero visual appeal, whatever the quality of it’s writing. ( Somehow the word Journalism does not seem appropriate.) Regarding internet news outlets in Atlanta, the supply towers over the demand. Maybe the re invention of the site will make it readable.

The comments thread at the CL piece is almost as entertaining as the email statement. Someone called APNE chimes in, saying that he has masters degrees in sociology and public administration. And there is a ring of objective truth to this…
“the only reason Creative Loafing is in existence today after the bankruptcy is to sell enough advertising so that Atalaya can make their money back. Informing people and enhancing democracy is for CL’s owners a coincidental or secondary function, at least in comparison to the revenue from the weekly plastic surgery advertising on page 2.”
There are two more comments to quote here, before the “get a life” alarm goes off. Another William writes
“As an actual San Francisco liberal, people like Cardinale make me crazy: unwilling to do the hard work of understanding reality, they base their actions purely on their vaporous ideals, dooming themselves to being perpetually ineffective. And dooming the people they could actually help to suffer further. One might almost think they’re in it for feelings of righteousness, rather than any actual result.”
And, it wouldn’t be Atlanta without the next comment. Reality Check opines “Cardinale should go back to Louisiana. He’s been nothing but a pompous and arrogant prick since he settled in Atlanta. He’s nothing more than a know-it-all transplant. As the old saying goes in Atlanta, “Delta is ready when you are.” Perhaps in your case Cardinale, Greyhound might better suit your style or lack thereof.”
HT to ATLmalcontent. This matter has been featured at Fark.

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