L5P Warm Sunday

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on February 22, 2010

PG and Uzi like to go walking on sunday afternoon, followed by dinner. With sunshine and warm(er) temperatures, it was legally required to get out on the 21st. After much deliberation, the call was made to go to Little Five Points.

Uzi recently got a book of discount dining coupons. On the ride into town, he was going through the book, considering what the options were. Before the discount book, dinner was a trap of duality, with the S&S cafeteria competing with Piccadilly for culinary attention. When a parking spot appeared, as if by magic, the book was left in the car.

Little five points is getting close to oldie status. The Marietta tourists, the cigarette puffing fifteen year olds, the high hat wearing blacks selling incense…it may as well be preserved in amber. PG noted a store with the melodic name “hookah hook up”, and a retail must see was uncovered. The HHU was another patchouli scented time trap, with signs saying that products were for legal use only.
” Is there anything you want to know about the products? “ “Nothing that I can say out loud”.
Going south on Moreland, past the chubby decker palace and the yards of patio potatoes, there stood the Tijuana Garage. The walkers went inside, looked at the menu, and decided this would be a good move for dinner. Alas, when they got back to the car, the coupon was not good on weekends. The large print giveth and the small print taketh away. The decision was made to go to Buckhead, and eat mexican at the Rio Grande eating facility.

What seemed like three hours later, PG was taking Uzi back to his car to go home. The restaurant had an table waiting inside, and a long wait for service. Doesn’t waiter imply that he is waiting on you, and not the other way around? When the food did appear an eternity later, Uzi’s order was wrong, and PG couldn’t remember what he had ordered. By this time the obnoxious drunks were moving in off the patio, bringing their noise with them. Maybe there is a reason this place has a half off coupon that is honored on weekends.

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