Nuclear Unclear Part Five

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on February 26, 2010

A year ago, this blog posted about nuclear energy. The Georgia Lesterslature passed a bill allowing Georgia Power to raise rates to pay for a nuclear reactor, before the device went into service.

Ten days ago, the US Government announced a loan guarantee of 8.3 billion dollars for the project. The nuclear industry seems to have a problem with defaults and cost overruns. The help of big government is needed.

The plan is to build two more reactors for Plant Vogtle, in Burke County. The Savannah River presumably would be the water source. The Westinghouse AP100 is said to be the favored model. There are safety concerns about this reactor.

The cost of construction makes government intervention necessary. The volatility of nuclear fuel makes security critical, again making big government bigger. The safety of reactors is a manageable problem. The watchfulness to insure this safety will serve to make big government bigger. The issue of permanent storage of used nuclear fuel has not been resolved.

PG posted a comment earlier today at Obsidian Wings. The thread discusses the compensation of executives, at companies recieving federal bailouts. The outrage fatigue, and cheapness of PR, apply to the issue of two more reactors at Plant Vogtle.

“I guess I’m suffering from outrage fatigue”
I think this is what the “beneficiaries” are hoping for. If they wait it out,and ignore the outrage of the common people ( who they hold in contempt), then they get their big bucks.
You can only be angry at so many things. PR is cheap. You can buy a lot of deflection for what these insurance people are getting.

In red state Georgia, there is little outrage over this. While most conservatives whine over the size of government, they support nuclear energy, which IS big government. The support of BHO for this loan guarantee will not silence the hatred many feel for the President.
Nuclear Power= Big Government. Pictures from ” Special Collections and Archives,Georgia State University Library”.

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