The Right To Bare Arms Part Two

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on February 27, 2010

This is a repost from a year ago, with an update to follow.

The official portrait of First Lady Michelle Obama was recently released. She is the prettiest First Lady in quite a while. She is, unlike her husband, a full blooded African American. She can trace her heritage back to her father’s great grandfather. Jim Robinson was a slave in South Carolina.

The First Lady is an important person. Laura Bush stayed in the background, which was a welcome change from the mediamania for Hillary Clinton and Nancy Reagan. It remains to be seen what sort of role Mrs. Obama will play in the next few years.

There is a bit of controversy over the choice of a sleeveless gown for this portrait. The second amendment does say something about the right to bare arms.

HT to transgriot, who has an interesting comment. It seems that looking over MLRO’s shoulder is a portrait of Thomas Jefferson. Mr. Jefferson was a slave owner. He apparently had a romantic relationship with one of his slaves, a lady named Sally Hemmings. Yes, the image is ironic.

There are two parts to the job of President…style and substance. The business of presiding over the US government is messy, and will never be done without criticism. The show business part will have its critics, but is much smoother.

Michelle Obama has been an asset to her husband…and America…in the style department. Having a beautiful wife on your arm is a serious asset in the world image market. So far, Mrs. O has avoided controversy, and looked good. If only the same could be said for her husband.

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