Octagon Fury

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The octagon is a magic shape. If you ever go to a Chinese restaurant, you are likely to see windows in octagon shapes. It has something to do with the feng shui. This does not carry over to Octagon soap, despite the snazzy retro wrapper.

When you take an interlocking border tile, and run it through the changes of an octagon, you have another shape entirely. This is what PG has been making pictures of the last few months.

For those new to the horrors of PG, he likes to make sticker pictures. These are faux stained glass images…that is, you shine the light through them, rather than on them. The base is a 3 mil mylar film, which was intended for the originals of building plans. The colors are sticker paper (red, yellow, and green) and masking tape (blue). There is a one eighth inch overlap between all the sections, which serves the same function as solder in stained glass. If you look at the design drawings, they have two lines for everything.

It is a good hobby. It features cheap materials, and provides hours of soul satisfying time cooped up in a studio ( which looks a lot like the third bedroom, or PG’s room as a kid). The studio is a safe space. PG likes to think that G-d comes by to help out, although others might differ.

The border tiles were inspired by a trip to Pasaquan. This was the refuge of another misfit who made pictures. He painted his house, and some cement structures on the grounds, with Sherwin Williams paint, in colorful patterns. Pasaquan is located near Buena Vista, GA ( pronounced BOOna VIS ta). In his images are circular s shapes that connect with each other.

Sometime last year, PG decided to draw the border tiles into an octagon. This caused a bit of brain damage, but PG did not give up. The first one was round, and then PG decided to try the same thing with straight lines and ninety degree angles. This caused more brain damage, and PG only has so many marbles left.

There are six pictures on display in this post. One does not have the border tiles. One has the round border tiles, and one has guts that look like a mandala. Some of these may have been posted before, but PG is too slack to go back to see.

The pictures are in the order of production. The titles are : 319 Wiggles, 320 Miss Pig, 321 Corners, 322 Green Square, 323 American Beauty, and 324 Workingmans Dead.

The last two were designed and assembled at roughly the same time. PG had a cd of “Workingmans Dead” that he listened to every day in the studio during these two projects. While naming things for the Grateful Dead is a bit of a cliche, PG is not picky about how he names these images.

Thanks A Lot

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There is a little video floating around on Facebook now. It shows a man, in a chair, with his adoring wife and daughter looking on. The man acts like his is driving (barefoot). Soon, an accident is imminent. His daughter (wearing pink wings) comes over, leans over his lap, and stretches her arms across his waist, seat belt fashion. The wife does the same thing, except she is the shoulder harness. Silver confetti flies all around, the man leans forward, and is stopped by his “seatbelt”.

PG is a long time user of seat belts, even before the nanny state told him it was the law. In 1974, he was rear ended, and would have slammed into the dashboard if not for his seat belt. It is a very good idea to use a seat belt, which is why chain pulling videos like this are not a good idea.

It is a law of human nature, the more often you are told to do something, the more likely it is that some people will not do it, just because. You still face the consequences of this misbehavior, but you go ahead and do it anyway. Or you wear the seatbelt (or the condom, or you just say no), but feel manipulated and spoken down to. At some point, you should let people old enough to drive act like adults.

Then there is the family values angle. PG, for better or worse, is single. There is no adoring, pink wing wearing daughter to make a seat belt for him. Is PG not a child of G-d, worthy of the love that all human beings are due? This attitude…that a single man is inferior… is on display constantly. It takes a lot of ignoring to get through the day sometimes, without manipulative videos, telling you what you already know.

The video is promoted on Facebook with this slogan:
How many people will watch before this is BANNED forever!?. There were three comments below the slogan, when this post was written.
Wow. That brought tears to my eyes. I will re-post with a short story…
But why would it be “banned” Bill? What’d I miss?

Got your attention, didn’t it…
(from the poster of the video).
Pictures from the ” Special Collections and Archives,Georgia State University Library”

Truth Or Fiction

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PG found a series of podcasts at New Yorker online. People, usually published authors, choose a short story from the magazines archive, and read it. Last night it was “My Russian Education”, written by Vladimir Nabokov, and read by Orhan Pamuk.

The story is part of Nabokov’s autobiography, “Speak Memory”. Before that publication, it was printed as a short story, and presented as a work of fiction. The podcast host asked Mr. Pamuk why Nabokov would blur the line between fiction and biography like that. The answer was that authors are not as concerned about this difference as editors, and presumably readers. It changes the way a piece reads, whether it is marketed as true memory or made up story.

Hearing a story read, rather than silently scanning it with your eyes, also changes the way a story feels. MRE is more about the father of Nabokov, and his dangerous political activities in St. Petersburg before the Russian Revolution. To have this story read by a Turk, with ESL pronunciation, adds the sense of a European story from a bygone era.

Drone War Expands

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The following is a repost. This is an advantage of having built up an inventory of posts…when writers block comes to visit, you can pull an oldie off the shelf. Pictures are from the ” Special Collections and Archives,Georgia State University Library”.

The way it works here is to look on this day in the archives. The selection today is one year old. And the situation is getting worse. BHO seems to like playing with toys . The drone war has been expanded, and is routinely conducted in Pakistan. Just as we invaded Afghanistan without any discussion, Pakistan is pulled into the killing without even an attempt at justification.

We are fighting in a poor part of the world, where a majority of the people cannot read and write. We are a wealthy country, that kills by remote control, with no risk to the pilot. When you talk about “hating us for our freedom”, you may want to think about that.

One of the features of the babylon war is the use of drones. These are unmanned airplanes, that launch missiles by remote control.

There is much to complain about in the babylon war. We invade Afghanistan to get revenge for nine eleven, and now we are stuck there. Literally trillions of dollars have been borrowed to pay for this enterprise, with more to come. And we are using unmanned planes to attack people in Pakistan.

A wealthy country is spending trillions of dollars to attack poor people eight time zones away. This wealthy country does not even put its men at risk in these attacks, but does them with unmanned aircraft.

Something is not right.

You Eat Soup Out Of That Bowl?

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PG does not live in the district formerly represented by Nathan Deal. If Mr. Deal is still in the race for Governor come primary time, and he is the best candidate, PG may well vote for him. In a race with John Oxendine and Roy Barnes, anything is possible.

After being represented by Cynthia Mckinney all those years, PG does not feel qualified to assess the integrity or legislative ability of someone else’s congressman. The fact that Mr. Deal is ranked as one of the 15 most corrupt congressmen in Washington is of little interest.

What PG is worried about is the clown (sorry about that Bozo) who is the press agent for Mr.Deal. As seen in the channel two video, he is overweight, does not wear a tie on camera, and has the worst hair this side of Elton John.

Is that his real hair, dyed rotten apple red, and cut with a soup bowl six months ago? Or did he steal a wig from an unattended Goodwill collection box?

And does anyone really think that the ethics investigation against Mr. Deal is a witch hunt, brought about by Democrats who worry that Mr. Deal would beat Roy Barnes?

This guy gives new meaning to the phrase done deal. The pictures of the spokesman, moving his lips, was from a channel 2 video. The black and white pictures are from the library of congress.

Lamestream Medium

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John McCain is in another tough election, this time for his senate seat in Arizona. It is so tough, that he got his former running mate, Sarah Palin, to campaign for him.

One wonders is anyone in Arizona is angry because Mr. McCain has spent so much time recently running for President, instead of representing Arizona? And why does he usually look like he is vaguely nauseous? (Other than the obvious answer here).

Ms. Palin made an ironic comment at the :10 point of this video.
“We might as well call it like we see it and not beat around the bush”. If she is going to talk about our former President, she should say it to his face.
Ms. Palin repeatedly used the phrase “lamestream media”. She seems to forget that she is a paid commenter at Fox news, which is about a mainstream as you get.

HT to JoemyG-d.

Ten Bands Nine Opinions

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The digital  medium listverse posted a list of “10 Rock Bands You Either Hate Or Love“. What follows is a commentary by PG about these acts. If you are not interested in his opinions, skip to the pictures. Picture are from the Library of Congress, and regard The War Between the States.

10- Captain Beefheart and his magic band-There was a sampler LP by Warner Brothers around 1970 or so. Available only by mail order, the LP had songs by a variety of Warner Brothers artists. Captain Beefheart was represented by “Hiella guru”, which had a sort of catchy sound. A voice said something like ” Damascus estate”, which fit the overall dada sound of the band.
Years later, a groupie wrote a tell all book about her youthful adventures. It turns out the voice said “The mascara snake”

In between the sampler LP and the groupie tell all book, Captain Beefheart played a show at the Great Southeast Music Hall, then located in Cherokee Plaza. PG liked to show up after the second set had started, and the ticket takers left the door open. The night CB played, PG mistimed his visit, and got to talk to a high school classmate, but did not see the show.

09-Metallica- There was a saying in “The electric kool aid acid test” ( which was not the origin of the phrase “drink the kool aid). The merry pranksters set off on a trip around america, and someone said “you are either on the bus or off the bus”. Those might not be the exact words, and they don’t sound as profound without the acid to drive home the emblematic attitude.

Getting back to Metallica, PG has never been on the bus for heavy metal. He heard a thing by Metallica on the radio that was pretty cool, and he read an interview with them in a magazine, that made Metallica look like a bunch of alcoholic right wing jerks. They are staggering all the way to the bank.

08-U2- Paydirt. The favorite band of millions, and the only thing that can make PG switch radio stations faster than a used car dealer commercial. Incriminating evidence of Payola in the radio industry,the U stands for Ugh. The guitar player only seems to know one riff. If autos could run on Bono’s ego, there would be no energy crisis ever. (Did you know that Bono is a vocal Jesus Worshiper?)

07-Aerosmith- These guys are famous today because they didn’t OD, despite the best efforts of Stephen Tyler. The simply are not that good.

06-Sonic Youth-PG quit being hip a long time ago. Once he saw a comment about Bono, and thought it was about Sonny. He does not know enough about Sonic Youth to have an opinion. And, for once, that is going to stop him.

05-Elvis Presley- There was a story about Elvis and Natalie Wood. She wanted him to be in a movie she was making, and he did a screen test. To the surprise of many, Elvis could act when he wanted to. The only trouble was, Colonel Tom Parker did not want him to do the film, and so it didn’t happen.

Elvis is an American phenomenon. He was the union of hype and talent. He was also watched over by Colonel Tom Parker, and never stepped out of the role that was chosen for him. Elvis also had the musicians gift for self destruction.

PG heard a racist rant about Elvis once, to the effect that Elvis stole his music from black people. Which only means that it was worth taking.

04-The Beach Boys-Like Elvis, The Beach Boys are tough to not like. Even Nancy Reagan was a fan, and Brian Wilson did not just say no. Maybe they became a self parody, but when they were in the early sixties prime, there was no one who could sing like them.

03-The Velvet Underground-The Velvets existed before recording technology could handle them. There recorded output sucks. The Andy Warhol days were essentially an audition for John Cale, Lou Reed, and Nico. All of them did outstanding work after the demise of the VU. When PG saw Lou Reed doing car commercials…

02-The Eagles- PG read the tell all book by Don Felder. This was the meanest, most selfish bunch around. They made some good records, did mountains of drugs, and wrote songs that are endlessly quoted by people trying to appear intuitive.

PG stood outside the Omni one night, trying to get a ticket to see The Eagles inside. One of the scalpers had a t shirt, with the phrase “DISCO SUCKS” in six inch tall letters. This negativity is what PG associates with The Eagles.

01- The Grateful Dead-PG has written about the Dead before. Lots of people think they are groovy. What is usually not said out loud is the “other ones”, who are not on the bus.

The Dead liked to be loose on stage. Sometimes, this translated into shows that were horrible. Many people, not indoctrinated into the cult of Jerry, went to one of these shows and decided that yes, they were dead, or at least smelled like it.

Dead heads can also be a problem. Like some of the other units in this list, there are fanatic followers of the GD. Like many fanatics, they sometimes turn as many people away from the object of adoration, as the do towards it.

A Stolen Story About A Beggar

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Once again, there is little to say. It is time to borrow. The source today is Gartalker.
The original author was a woman.
There is a saying, beg, borrow, or steal. They all involve the transfer of something, presumably of some value, to another party. The receiving party probably will not compensate the distributor. Another option is purchase, which is not considered in this case. Once money changes accounts, taxes are usually involved. If their is one thing that Gartalker and PG agree on, it is generating less tax revenue for our various governments.
The best verb for the transfer of this story is steal. It is a story about a beggar. The pictures are from the Atlanta Beltline corridor, taken 01-23-10. One of the pictures has a cussword.

I was walking down the street when I was accosted by a particularly dirty and shabby-looking homeless woman who asked me for a couple of dollars for dinner.
I took out my wallet, got out ten dollars and asked, ‘If I give you this money, will you buy chocolate with it instead of dinner?’
‘No, I had to stop eating chocolate years ago’, the homeless woman told me.
‘Will you use it to go shopping instead of buying food?’ I asked.
‘No, I don’t waste time shopping,’ the homeless woman said. ‘I need to spend all my time trying to stay alive.’
‘Will you spend this on a beauty salon instead of food?’ I asked.
‘Are you NUTS!’ replied the homeless woman. I haven’t had my hair done in 20 years!’
‘Well, I said, ‘I’m not going to give you the money. Instead, I’m going to take you out for dinner with my husband and me tonight.’
The homeless Woman was shocked. ‘Won’t your husband be furious with you for doing that? I know I’m dirty, and I probably smell pretty disgusting.’
I said, ‘That’s okay. It’s important for him to see what a woman looks like after she has given up shopping, hair appointments, and chocolate.’

Always Open

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The lady at the Firestone said it would be at least 1:30 before the car was ready. PG put his book up, put a hat on, and went walking north on Peachtree Industrial Boulevard.

He had driven this way hundreds of times, but never walked it. When you walk, you notice details that you miss when you whiz by at 45 mph. Many, like the granite contraption a creek goes through, are not that great to look at.

The porno video store could not be passed up, in this day of time wasting. It felt odd to get bored so quickly…even the fat black lesbian movies didn’t do it. The dildos, modeled on porn stars, remained on the shelf, forlornly waiting to have the shrink wrap torn off.

When PG was a kid, PIB (spell check suggestions:pie,pig,pin,pit,pis) only went as far as the GM plant. You drove down that access road, to Buford Hiway, to go further north. At some point after that, I285 came through, and PIB was expanded into Gwinnett County. For today’s journey of discovery, the perimeter hiway was the destination.

The interchange of PIB and I285 was torn up and worked over for many years in the early nineties. After the perimeter, PIB becomes a mini interstate. PG was curious how far the sidewalks went, where PIB becomes pedestrian unfriendly.

This stretch of road is dotted with car dealerships. While walking is not a priority, there are sidewalks all the way under I285, until the start of an entrance ramp. At this point, the sidewalks end. If one wants to continue to walk, he must use the shoulder of the road, which is no doubt discouraged, if not out and out illegal.

Coming back, a shut down Waffle House was on the right. PG is not surprised that it is closed…this is one horrible location, with the only way to get in being fresh off the perimeter. Still, the wall, with the letters saying “ALWAYS OPEN” removed, is a poignant sight.

A check at the cell phone said that it was 1:30, and even allowing for run overs, the vehicle should be ready soon. The drops of rain became more frequent, until you get seriously wet by being outside. With not a minute to spare, PG walked into the dry comfort of the waiting room.

Wig Abuse

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If you go to google, and type in “singers that wear wigs”, the first name to appear is Mary J. Blige. PG does not follow her closely, but went to youtube and found this video. Yes, this is probably not her real hair in all these shots.

Dolly Parton is known for a lot of things, at least two of which are real. The hair is not. She is famous for her answer to the question, “How long does it take to do your hair?” ” I don’t know, I’m never there”

If anyone is known for enhancing her natural attributes, it would be Cher. Her fondness for plastic surgery is well known, as is the way her head fits in a hairpiece. In this number, Miss Cher talks about some of her favorite people.

Grace Slick is basically retired these days. In her hey day, she never appeared in public in her real hair. PG saw her at the Omni once, and was horrified by her wig.

No, RuPaul is not really blonde. That is a part of her wardrobe. In this video, she co stars with Martha Wash, in a remake of “It’s Raining Men”. The working title for this video was Piggly Wiggly.

It is a bit of show business wisdom that you put the horses at the end of a parade. For the same reason, Deaundra Peek finishes this post with “Supermodel”. The song was made famous by RuPaul. Still pictures for this episode are from the ” Special Collections and Archives,Georgia State University Library”

Tea Party Confidential

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There is a point where the medium and the message become one. No jokes please, about medium being something that is neither rare nor well done.

PG was listening to a Bloggingheads episode. The dueling wits were Ann Althouse and Matt Welch. There were some comments about tea partiers, and the
N Word . This cohabited with some thoughts PG had, and a post was inseminated.
The rest of the conversation had a few gems. At the 5:50 mark, Ms. Althouse said
“They’re just making up numbers, the numbers have lost all meaning… I fear for our country when we just don’t believe numbers anymore. Numbers can be just made up out of nothing.” Ms. Althouse is a tenured ( since “89) law school professor. And she just now sees that statistics are lies.
The husband of Ms. Althouse got on a bus, in Madison WI, sometime Friday. He rode 24 hours, sleeping on the bus, and arrived in Washington DC. The husband tea partied for a few hours, got on another bus, rode 24 hours, sleeping on the bus, and arrived back in Madison WI. This is where Ms. Althouse gets her inside information about the Killthebill crowd. Does anyone know how to Madison?

There were reports from Washington that “killthebill” protesters may have slipped in a couple of other choice phrases. On the eve of a vote about an incredibly important law, many news reports were focused on someone shouting the
N Word at John Lewis.
The attached video was posted at Rodonline, and says to listen closely at :12. When PG listened, all he heard was noise. This is not to say it did not happen, or that it is right or wrong, but it does say that this particular video does not prove anything.

Ann Althouse at blogginheads had a few more choice comments about this. She says the tea partiers are much more friendly and polite than they are given credit for. With a dark skinned man in the White House, maybe playing the race card is not a smart move anymore.
“very powerful people posing as victims is not a pretty sight, it’s a weird use of race”. As to the issue of *a few individuals in the crowd* shouting racial epithets, Ms. Althouse says “so what”.
It does seem interesting that such a big deal is made out of this on the day before a major vote. Is it not possible that some of the supporters of the bill did the epithet shouting? Just get near some reporters and microphones, and scream something disgusting as loud as possible. It will reflect poorly on your opponents.

Milledgeville Writer

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What follows is a repost. The pictures are from the ” Special Collections and Archives,Georgia State University Library”. Recently, it was announced that Central State Hospital would be closing.
PG remembers the first time the name Flannery O’Connor sank in. He was visiting some friends, in a little house across from the federal prison.

Rick(?) was the buddy of a character known as Harry Bowers. PG was never sure what Harry’s real name was. One night, Rick was talking about Southern Gothic writers, and he said that Flannery O’Connor was just plain weird
” Who else would have a bible salesman show up at a farm, take the girl up into a hayloft, unscrew her wooden leg and leave her there? Weird”
Flannery O’Connor was recently the subject of a biography written by Brad Gooch. The book is getting a bit of publicity. Apparently, the Milledgeville resident was a piece of work.

PG read some reviews of this biography, and found a collection of short stories at the library. The book included ” Good Country People”, the tale about the bible salesman. Apparently, this story was inspired by a real life incident. ( Miss O’Connor had lupus the last fifteen years of her life. She used crutches.) And yes, it is weird. Not like hollywood , but in the way of rural, post world war two Georgia.

Some of the reviews try to deal with her attitudes about Black people. On a certain level, she is a racist. She uses the n word freely, and her black characters are not inspiring people. The thing is, the white characters are hardly any better, and in some cases much worse.

The stories are well crafted, with vivid descriptions of people and places. The reader floats along with the flow of the story, until he realizes that Grandma has made a mistake on a road trip. The house she got her son to look for is in Tennessee, not Georgia. She makes him drive the family car into a ditch. Some drifting killers come by. Grandma asks one if he prays, while his partner is shooting her grandchildren. Weird.

In another story, a drifter happens upon a pair of women in the country. The daughter is thirty years old, is deaf, and has never spoken a word. The drifter teaches her to say bird and sugarpie. The mother gives him fifteen dollars for a honeymoon, if he will marry her. He takes the fifteen dollars and leaves her asleep in a roadside diner.

PG was looking for yard sales one Saturday afternoon. He came to a house off Lavista Road, between Briarcliff and Cheshire Bridge. The house had apparently not been painted in the last forty years. Thousands and thousands of paperback books were on the shelves. The lady taking the money said that the lady who lived there was the friend, and correspondent of, the “Milledgeville writer” Flannery O’Connor. This is apparently Betty Hester, who is mentioned in many of the biography reviews.

PG told the estate sale lady that she should be careful how she said that. There used to be a large mental hospital in Milledgeville, and the name is synonymous in Georgia with mental illness. The estate sale lady had never heard that.