Always Open

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on March 25, 2010

The lady at the Firestone said it would be at least 1:30 before the car was ready. PG put his book up, put a hat on, and went walking north on Peachtree Industrial Boulevard.

He had driven this way hundreds of times, but never walked it. When you walk, you notice details that you miss when you whiz by at 45 mph. Many, like the granite contraption a creek goes through, are not that great to look at.

The porno video store could not be passed up, in this day of time wasting. It felt odd to get bored so quickly…even the fat black lesbian movies didn’t do it. The dildos, modeled on porn stars, remained on the shelf, forlornly waiting to have the shrink wrap torn off.

When PG was a kid, PIB (spell check suggestions:pie,pig,pin,pit,pis) only went as far as the GM plant. You drove down that access road, to Buford Hiway, to go further north. At some point after that, I285 came through, and PIB was expanded into Gwinnett County. For today’s journey of discovery, the perimeter hiway was the destination.

The interchange of PIB and I285 was torn up and worked over for many years in the early nineties. After the perimeter, PIB becomes a mini interstate. PG was curious how far the sidewalks went, where PIB becomes pedestrian unfriendly.

This stretch of road is dotted with car dealerships. While walking is not a priority, there are sidewalks all the way under I285, until the start of an entrance ramp. At this point, the sidewalks end. If one wants to continue to walk, he must use the shoulder of the road, which is no doubt discouraged, if not out and out illegal.

Coming back, a shut down Waffle House was on the right. PG is not surprised that it is closed…this is one horrible location, with the only way to get in being fresh off the perimeter. Still, the wall, with the letters saying “ALWAYS OPEN” removed, is a poignant sight.

A check at the cell phone said that it was 1:30, and even allowing for run overs, the vehicle should be ready soon. The drops of rain became more frequent, until you get seriously wet by being outside. With not a minute to spare, PG walked into the dry comfort of the waiting room.

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