You Eat Soup Out Of That Bowl?

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on March 29, 2010

PG does not live in the district formerly represented by Nathan Deal. If Mr. Deal is still in the race for Governor come primary time, and he is the best candidate, PG may well vote for him. In a race with John Oxendine and Roy Barnes, anything is possible.

After being represented by Cynthia Mckinney all those years, PG does not feel qualified to assess the integrity or legislative ability of someone else’s congressman. The fact that Mr. Deal is ranked as one of the 15 most corrupt congressmen in Washington is of little interest.

What PG is worried about is the clown (sorry about that Bozo) who is the press agent for Mr.Deal. As seen in the channel two video, he is overweight, does not wear a tie on camera, and has the worst hair this side of Elton John.

Is that his real hair, dyed rotten apple red, and cut with a soup bowl six months ago? Or did he steal a wig from an unattended Goodwill collection box?

And does anyone really think that the ethics investigation against Mr. Deal is a witch hunt, brought about by Democrats who worry that Mr. Deal would beat Roy Barnes?

This guy gives new meaning to the phrase done deal. The pictures of the spokesman, moving his lips, was from a channel 2 video. The black and white pictures are from the library of congress.

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