Octagon Fury

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on March 31, 2010

The octagon is a magic shape. If you ever go to a Chinese restaurant, you are likely to see windows in octagon shapes. It has something to do with the feng shui. This does not carry over to Octagon soap, despite the snazzy retro wrapper.

When you take an interlocking border tile, and run it through the changes of an octagon, you have another shape entirely. This is what PG has been making pictures of the last few months.

For those new to the horrors of PG, he likes to make sticker pictures. These are faux stained glass images…that is, you shine the light through them, rather than on them. The base is a 3 mil mylar film, which was intended for the originals of building plans. The colors are sticker paper (red, yellow, and green) and masking tape (blue). There is a one eighth inch overlap between all the sections, which serves the same function as solder in stained glass. If you look at the design drawings, they have two lines for everything.

It is a good hobby. It features cheap materials, and provides hours of soul satisfying time cooped up in a studio ( which looks a lot like the third bedroom, or PG’s room as a kid). The studio is a safe space. PG likes to think that G-d comes by to help out, although others might differ.

The border tiles were inspired by a trip to Pasaquan. This was the refuge of another misfit who made pictures. He painted his house, and some cement structures on the grounds, with Sherwin Williams paint, in colorful patterns. Pasaquan is located near Buena Vista, GA ( pronounced BOOna VIS ta). In his images are circular s shapes that connect with each other.

Sometime last year, PG decided to draw the border tiles into an octagon. This caused a bit of brain damage, but PG did not give up. The first one was round, and then PG decided to try the same thing with straight lines and ninety degree angles. This caused more brain damage, and PG only has so many marbles left.

There are six pictures on display in this post. One does not have the border tiles. One has the round border tiles, and one has guts that look like a mandala. Some of these may have been posted before, but PG is too slack to go back to see.

The pictures are in the order of production. The titles are : 319 Wiggles, 320 Miss Pig, 321 Corners, 322 Green Square, 323 American Beauty, and 324 Workingmans Dead.

The last two were designed and assembled at roughly the same time. PG had a cd of “Workingmans Dead” that he listened to every day in the studio during these two projects. While naming things for the Grateful Dead is a bit of a cliche, PG is not picky about how he names these images.

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