The Middle Path

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on April 24, 2010

One of the concepts PG got from the Buddha Show was the idea of the Middle Way. Actually, the concept is around in other forms, but the chubby one did talk about it.

It seems there is a problem with images of Muhammad. That vanguard of speech freedom, “South Park”, got into a bit of a jam recently on this front. The word is that the Quran outlaws images of the Messenger. Riots have broken out in Muslim countries over this issue.

On the other extreme is the promiscuous imagery of Jesus. If all the pictures of Jesus were real, then the man would have had time to do nothing other than pose. Reality has little to do with these images, with the dark skinned Semite replaced by a rock star lookalike.

There is also the grossout pictures of the murder of Jesus. It is well known that Christians are more excited about the death of Jesus than his life. The tee shirts, with blood spurting from the nail holes, are in very bad taste.

A few years ago, Mel Gibson made a splatter movie about Jesus. In a cynical marketing move, rumors of antisemitism were used to produce publicity. Gibson then got religious professionals like Billy Graham to view, and endorse, the film. It is difficult to consider the image of Muhammad (or Buddha) exploited in this manner. Of course, a glorious, though short, death is a “vital” part of the Jesus charisma.

Which is where the middle path comes in, as shown in the treatment of Buddha. Drawings of Gautama Siddhartha are generally tasteful and attractive. It is a pleasant middle path between the riots over images of Muhammad, and splatter movies about Jesus.

It should be noted that there are no photographs of any of the three, and any pictures are based on the ideas of the artist. The pictures that illustrate this post are photographs, and they are from The Library of Congress

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