Disgust Response

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on April 25, 2010

Sometimes staying on the internet can make for a good Saturday night. There are no drunks or police on the road, nor do you do have to buy drinks or smell cigarette smoke. There are sights to be seen, and sounds to be heard.

The soundtrack came courtesy of bloggingheads . The dialog was between Jesse Bering and Neil Sinhababu, one a psychologist, and one a philosopher. As was noted at 2:41, the philosophers ask the questions, and the psychologists answer them.

The discussion started out about ethics, and Mr. Sinhababu ( the philosopher with the big eyebrows) began to talk about progressive taxation. He actually finished a few sentences before Mr. Bering changed the subject to sex. Mr. Sinhababu began to discuss a paper he had written, which centered on pleasure and morality. His thesis was that pleasure is moral, as long as no party is injured in any way by the transaction.

The conversation went downhill in a hurry, with human/animal sex a prime subject. At 12:27, Mr. Sinhababu observed
“for a lot of people there is going to be a serious disgust response at the idea of having sex with ones dog”. The question was raised whether the “yuck factor” was a good basis for making a moral judgment.
Meanwhile, PG was going through the Prokudin-Gorskii collection of the Library of Congress. The pictures consist of images from the Russian Empire, shot between 1905 and 1915. The images were shot by Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii, and many are in color.

How did he make color images a hundred years ago? Here is a brief description of his methods:
“Prokudin-Gorskii created his negatives by using a camera that exposed one oblong glass plate three times in rapid succession through three different color filters: blue, green, and red. For formal presentations, he printed positive glass slides of these negatives and projected them through a triple lens magic lantern. Prokudin-Gorskii would project the slide through the three lenses, and, with the use of color filters, superimpose the three exposures to form a full color image on a screen.”
The images in the LOC collection are digital recreations, made using the glass plates. The page about the methods used has more information, and links to some other sites that discuss these images. Some of the sites are in Russian.

Meanwhile, back at bloggingheads, Mr. Bering discussed the ethics of eating a dog that died of natural causes, and said he was going to masturbate on camera. Mr. Sinhababu did not think this was a very good idea. The men were shown from the shoulders up, and it is not known what they were doing below that.

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