Hugh And Nancy

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on April 28, 2010

The story of Cary Grant taking LSD came to this blog courtesy of WFMU , an appendage of a radio station somewhere east of the Mississippi. Recently, a reporter from this facility went to the “TCM Classic Film Festival” in Hollywood. Here is a highlight of episode six. Pictures are from The Library of Congress.

I quickly excused myself from the paparazzi line so as not to taint WFMU’s reputation and took my place in a line-up for Judy Garland’s A Star is Born, the kick-off screening of the TCM festival. I found myself easily agitated after my exposure to the rude row of TMZ types, and became testy when an elderly man in front of me was moving too slow for my liking. Shortly thereafter a six-foot tall, statuesque (apparent) prostitute joined him and I suddenly realized I had just been directing my rage at Hugh Hefner. I pivoted to try and share the surreal moment with whoever was standing in line behind me. Fully prepared to give a stranger a nudge, my brain stopped me in time to acknowledge that the person standing in line behind me was Nancy Reagan. I wish I had some story to go along with this odd Hefner-Reagan sandwich of which I was the pathetically insignificant strip of meat, but I do not. I was, I will admit, somewhat starstruck by the co-star of my favorite anti-commie movie, The Next Voice You Hear. I’m fairly certain that I was not supposed to be in a line consisting of these wildly famous geriatrics, but much of this week has turned out to be about being exactly where I don’t belong. And enjoying every minute of it.

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