He Called Her What

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on April 29, 2010

There was a comment on Facebook, and a reply. “Why does Gillian Duffy complain about welfare cheats and eastern Europeans, and then object when Gordon Brown calls her a bigot?” “The same reason Gordon Brown objects when the English speaking world calls him an idiot.”

This is a little mediadrama, recorded and distributed for all its gnarly glory. At the top of this feature is the original dialog, with British Prime Minister/Reelection candidate Gordon Brown in a rather testy chat with a lady named Gillian Duffy. Brown comes off as a slimy politician, and Ms. Duffy seems to have a bit of sense. After the chat, Mr. Brown gets in a car, and says some unfortunate things into an open mike.

It has been noted that a lie can go around the world while the truth is putting it’s shoes on. Today, this happens before the liar takes another breath. The judgment comes before common sense takes the shoes off the shelf. The digital parade includes when Duffy is told, the Duffy reply, the Brown reply.

The entire issue of race is saturated with snap judgment, name calling, and lack of understanding. The frustrations of a Gillian Duffy can be seen in many people, and only gets worse in economic hard times. It is a rare…maybe even nonexistent…person who has never said anything that could lead to being accused of bigotry. And to be put in a global spotlight, because of something a politician said when he thought no one was listening, must be horrible.

Mr. Brown is different. He is a public figure, running for a national office. Mr. Brown and his type use the press to gain power, and now the press has hit him with a sucker punch. He is not an old lady, going out for a loaf of bread, who made the mistake of talking on camera.

Pictures from The Library of Congress.

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