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Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on April 30, 2010

The video below uses language that some might find offensive.

A man named Ray McBerry is running for Governor of Georgia this year. His website makes the point that
“Ray is the only former educator in the Republican race for Governor”. If you have not been following the race ( and it is understandable if you don’t), you may wonder why he is a former educator.
It seems as though he got to be “good friends” with a 16 year old girl, while he was a high school teacher. Shortly before a hearing was held about a restraining order, Mr. McBerry sent this letter to the girl and her family. It is a doozy.
” I couldn’t stand the thoughts of maybe never seeing y’all again and ______carrying around the burden of thinking from now on that it had been her fault that I left our church and never came back.” (HT to swgapolitics for printing the letter)
At the fishwrapper today, political writer Jim Galloway reports that opposing candidate Karen Handel is “very uncomfortable” with Mr. McBerry in the race. As several commenters point out, Ms. Handel is way too old for Mr. McBerry. Compared to McBerry, John Oxendine, Roy Barnes, and “friend of Genarlow Wilson” Eric Johnson, Ms. Handel may be the only edible candidate left.

Mr. Galloway, in the spirit of fairness, quoted Mr. McBerry about all of this.
“[I]n spite of the many lies and personal attacks that have been hurled against me in this race by liberal elements of the media, it is encouraging to know that my fellow Georgians are excited that they have a true champion of states’ rights running for governor this year, someone who will stand up for their liberties and is not going to back down.” If only he would take down that comment about being a former educator.
Pictures are from The Library of Congress. None of the people shown are former educators, running for Governor of Georgia.

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    […] The last two republicans we will consider are Humbert Humbert Ray McBerry and Nathan Deal. Mr. McBerry is a former educator, with an convincing reason for leaving the profession. Nathan Deal is a […]

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