Writing Exercise

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on May 13, 2010

What follows below is the result of a writing exercise . If you are a picky reader, you may want to go ahead to the rest of the pictures. These images are from The Library of Congress.

It rained on the day of the picnic. This was of little concern to Arnold, who has a lot of money invested in the food. Rain or shine, the food needs to be eaten. The store might be willing to take the canned goods back. The perishables were going to be bought by the church that hosts the picnic

As if things weren’t sticky enough, the stranger came into town, looking for Arnold. He had done the picnic promotion thing before, in another part of the state, and some people didn’t get paid. This is probably what the stranger is up to, although it might just be Arnold’s legendary way with the ladies.

The girl was waiting on the porch for Arnold, when he got home. When he first heard of the stranger, he thought it was Willis the farmer, who sold him a mess of salad fixins on credit, and had not been paid. Instead, here was a girl on the porch, looking at Arnold with a shy smile.

An evening set over the wilderness, and the bears got hungrier, and more angry with each passing minute. When they saw the rains coming in, they anticipated a picnic ground with no picnickers and lots of food. It had been a long time since Arnold had encountered bears, and he forgot how hungry they could be.

Alongside a mountain stream was a bear family. Daddy Chicago Bear was explaining to his long suffering wife Yogine that the anticipated feast from the rained out picnic might not happen after all. It seems like Arnold had a contract with the church to buy up any unused food from the picnic, and they were loading the haul into a big refrigerator.

Inside the pages of an old book lay the invoice from Willis the farmer. Arnold was using it for a bookmark. He was reading a political novel about Texas, called “Children played behind the Bushes”. The latest chapter sees Jen and Laura trying to strangle Barbara, using her pearls.

As the ship sailed into port, the girl on the porch smiled. Arnold, whatever his shortcomings, was a stud. It was a tanker sailing into the port, not a rubber dinghy.

The housekeeper slowly stirred the tea, and waited for Arnold and the porch girl…she called herself Gnarlene. It was her job to fix dinner, after the picnic was rained out, and the food sold to the helpful, prosperous church.

At the pawn shop on the corner, Willis the Farmer waited, to no avail, for Arnold to come and pay his debts. Willis had to pawn a watch his grandfather gave him to pay the fertilizer bill for his farm, and he was in danger of losing it forever if Arnold did not pay up.

This did not stop Arnold and Gnarlene from tearing off another chunk of hot burrito supreme. If Arnold was concerned about Willis the Farmer, he did not show it. It turns out, Arnold had a plan. That night, Willis the farmer was dinner for Chicago, Yogine, and their four cubs eenie, meanie, miny, and moe.

Meanwhile, back in Texas, W staggered out of his room, trying to remember where the rest of the coke was. He saw his wife and daughter trying to strangle his mother, using her pearls. W took another slug off his bottle and passed out, leaving his elderly mother to defend herself.

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  1. body health said, on May 17, 2010 at 4:28 am

    I love the pictures! But what happen with the child’s head in the last picture? That’s scary?

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