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Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on May 20, 2010

There is a facebook page now, If-the-American-Flag-offends-you-Ill-be-happy-to-help-you-pack. This rubs PG the wrong way.

Before you start to holler, there are a few facts to consider. PG has had a good life in The USA, and cannot imagine living anywhere else. He pays taxes without complaint. When PG was military age, America was winding down a disastrous war, and military service was not seen as a good option.

PG compares his thoughts about America with his thoughts about his hometown of Atlanta GA. He has had a good life in both places, and does not want to live anywhere else. And yet, no one is ever asked to “die for Atlanta”. That duty is reserved for the national political unit. If PG had been 110 years older, he would have had to opportunity to die for Georgia. That war is seen as wasting thousands of good men. When it comes to dying for a political unit, there is a lot of waste.

No, the Stars and Stripes, while aesthetically challenged, does not offend PG. That does not mean that our flag should be used for jewelry, or to promote products. The flag should be respected, not left out in direct sunlight for years at a time, until the red, white, and blue is pink, gray, and lavender.

A few years ago, after a Supreme Court ruling about flag burning, PG worked with someone who drove a van. There was a bumper sticker on that van, with the American Flag, and the message “Try burning this one”. That van was parked in direct sunlight every day, and the sun burned those colors off that van.

The Flag is a political symbol, a symbol of a nation. A “Pledge of Allegiance” to this symbol should not include the use of a sacred name. The word G-d should only be used for worship, and respectful discussion, not the celebration of political symbols. If you have any more questions, look at the Third Commandment.

No, the American Flag does not offend PG. However, Facebook groups that would try to bully people who don’t have the “correct” opinion about this symbol…that would seek to create conflict between citizens…that does offend PG.

Photographs are from
The Library of Congress. The flag image is by PG.

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