Blockade Party

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on June 1, 2010

There is a lot of talk now about the flotilla to Gaza, that was attacked by Israel. Here is more.

– A lot of the pro Israel talkers use the terms Hamas and Gaza interchangeably. This is not accurate. The territory and people are Gaza. There is a political party called Hamas, that is currently in control of the territory. Food and construction supplies for the people are not the same as weapons for Hamas.

-Hamas won an election in Gaza. When you have elections, your neighbors might not like who won. Your neighbor might impose an embargo, control access to your territory, or attack you with depleted uranium and white phosphorus.

– This quote catches the eye.
“The Israeli (and I am hesitant to say “IDF” here–it lets too many politicians off the hook) media spin machine was ready to go. When you see a detailed multi-page report ready to go within an hour or two of an insanely chaotic military action (of any kind), it is bull shit, plain and clear. Just try reading reports about the Normandy invasion in history books in 2010. Now imagine trying to read the same level of detail, etc. a few hours after the first wave hit the beaches. You get my point. The ‘tragic tale’ was ready to go well before the first commando slid down the rope…”
– This is in the comments of another post.
“I mean, so far as I understand it, “Hamas” isn’t a country. So Israel is not “at war” with Hamas. In any case, what’s being blockaded is not “Hamas,” but an area of Gaza. Is Israel at war with Gaza? All of it? Part of it? “You are quite correct. For Israel to legally blockade Hamas, it would have to recognize Gaza as a belligerent, which would be a de facto recognition of its independence and entitle Gaza to the rights of belligerents under the Hague Convention of 1899, including, among other things, the responsibility to treat Palestinian prisoners from Gaza as prisoners of war, which Israel does not do.”
– Here are the weapons found on the boat where the fighting took place. Is this what armed terrorists use when they take on the mighty IDF? BTW, Lawrenceofcyberia is the blog name of the week.

– Is it a coincidence that this happened during the Memorial Day weekend? Many Americans were at the beach, and not watching the news.

This is enough idle chatter for this corner of the internet. If you want to read more about this affair, look anywhere current events are discussed. Keep a grain of salt handy. Pictures for this feature are from The Library of Congress.

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