The Psalmist Today

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on June 25, 2010

In 2006, a Jesus worship blog brought Juanita Bynum to PG’s attention. The blogger said
“she’s a nice lady with a nice husband who is promoting good social values under the umbrella of Christian living.” Billboards appeared downtown, advertising a  show at the Georgia Dome , “The Thrashing Floor”, starring Ms. Bynum. (spell check suggestions: Benumb, Barnum, Byzantium)
Miss Bynum calls herself a prophet and a psalmist. PG made a comment, about the post above…
A prophet is not without honor, except in his own land. What about a psalmist?
The blogger replied
“The only people without honor around here are hit-and-run posters,chamblee..”
I suppose a little self promotion is ok when you are representing someone who said, of himself, ” I am the way the truth and the light”
Of course, the telling detail about Ms. Bynum is her affiliation with Mr. Jakes.( T.D. Jakes) . It seems that, in that crowd, it is ok to give yourself whatever title feels good at the moment.
If that woman is a prophet, then I am Ronald Reagan. Of course, I may be a psalmist myself, and just not know it. That is the point I tried to make in my first post. It seems as though subtlety, brevity, and poetic license are as honorable as prophecy.

In 2007, Miss Bynum got a divorce from her husband, “Bishop” Thomas W. Weeks III. During the divorce process, he beat her up, and was convicted of aggravated assault. Miss Bynum is now selling music cds, candles, bath products, and makeup.

PG went to youtube, and did a search for “Juanita Bynum”. What he saw, and heard, astonished him. There are dozens of videos on youtube today by Miss Bynum. Three are embedded with this post.

Many people are not aware of this Jesus worship subculture. It thrives on anger, shouting, and verbal abuse. The audience appears to enjoy this, and seems to be “blessed”.

PG sees Jesus through those who believe in him. Considering the violence of the crucifixion, and the egomania of Jesus, the hysterical shouting of Juanita Bynum might be what Jesus is all about.

Pictures are from The Library of Congress

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