Gathering Moss

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on June 30, 2010

One of the things people say about the ouster of General McCrystal is amazement at the part in the drama played by Rolling Stone. The once vital publication has been gathering moss for quite a while. Maybe this controversy will breathe life into the old turkey, but few would bet on it. Here are two more random thoughts about this business:

1- David Hastings should worry about more than losing access to his sources. His is an embedded reporter in a combat zone. It would be very easy for bad things to happen to him. The real risks of combat are bad enough, but when you have McCrystal loyalists looking for revenge, it may be fatal.

2- When McCrystal was installed as commander in Afghanistan, it was not mentioned that he was one of the players in the Pat Tillman cover up. This is another thing that came out with the Rolling Stone article. How a man could be involved in a mess like that, and be rewarded with command of a major operation, is a mystery.

The second part of this entertainment is a repost . The pictures are from the Dragon Con Parade.

PG has been reading “The Rolling Stone Interviews”. It is a slick collection of interviews from the magazine, published in 2007. It is not an original work of literature. A great deal of “entertainment” is recycling past product. For a slacker at the library, it is still a good deal.

As Jann Wenner tells the story, The Who played a show in San Francisco, and Pete Townsend did not smash his guitar. Wenner went backstage to ask him why. The result was the first Rolling Stone Interview. Modeled after the Playboy Interview, this became a feature of the magazine.

PG bought his first copy of Rolling Stone in 1971. It had the interview with John Lennon. This became a part of the Lennon legend, with its comments about Mick Jagger and his fag dancing.
Rolling Stone was different in the early days. It was printed on cheap newsprint, and had a lot more to read than today. It was the Great Speckled Bird on steroids.

Thirty eight years later, a slick compilation of interviews turns up at the library. The book has a few highlights.

RS hired Truman Capote to cover a tour of the Rolling Stones (the band). For whatever reason, he never produced any product. So, Andy Warhol goes to visit, and brings a tape recorder. They go to Central Park. Mr. Capote does not think Mick Jagger can sing. Later, they go for drinks. Capote gets J&B on the rocks, Warhol gets a Grand Marnier.

Neil Young was drunk when he made “Tonights the Night”.

Oriana Fallaci would ask Jesus if he slept with Mary Magdalene. Miss Fallaci would like to find the grave of Jesus, and see if it is occupied.

Joni Mitchell played Bob Dylan a tape of “Court and Spark” and he fell asleep.

David Letterman is asked what he is like in a relationship, and he says “moody drunk”.

Bill Clinton talked to Richard Nixon a great deal. Nixon admired the way Clinton dealt with the press.

And on and on. The library wants the book back tomorrow. It is not worth an overdue fine.

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