Shock And Awe

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on July 3, 2010

By now, the word is out about the illness of Christopher Hitchens. The man is going to have a tough time. He became famous for writing rude things about the recently departed, and some are going to return the favor. PG would prefer not to lower himself to that level.

PG wrote about Mr. Hitchens when the drunken one was up and running. There is no need to pile on. It will not bring back  people who died in the invasion of Iraq, which Mr. Hitchens supported.

Mr. Hitchens was famous for his atheism. Giving the Christian obsession with life after death, this part of his life if getting a bit of attention now. PG has not read his books about religion, and is not privy to the details. What PG sees as atheism is a reaction to the Judeo/Christian/Islamic triad that dominates modern thought. Atheism is based on the belief paradigm of religion. Atheism is about as relevant to PG as Jesus worship, though not nearly as loud.

In a time like this, people want to say positive things about the diseased. This quote is typical :
“I’m sorry about your friend. But he’s a tough cookie and if nothing else, I believe he could send those cancer cells packing by simply telling them where they are being oh so unreasonable. and frankly stupid. If I were a cancer cell I’d be afraid of Christopher Hitchens.”
Now, this reporter is not sure that drunken bravado is the same as toughness, or a vulgar cover up for something else. It is the last sentence that defies reason. The fact is, this is a Christopher Hitchens cancer cell. This cancer is going to have all the qualities of the host body. It may be the cancer cells that tell him to finish his drink, put out his cigarette, and shut up.

The attached video is a remarkable document. It is a tv show, produced after the death of Jerry Falwell. The three living talkers are Sean Hannity, Ralph Reed, and Christopher Hitchens. At the 5:42 mark in the video, Mr. Hannity says to Mr. Hitchens,
“you are incredibly mean, incredibly selfish, and incredibly thoughtless”.
Pictures are from The Library of Congress.

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