Excellent Day

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on July 12, 2010

Uzi called PG just as he was coming back to the computer with a sandwich. Even though it was Georgia July hot, Uzi wanted to get out and walk. Before long the old people’s favorite place to walk was suggested…the mall. PG put clean pants on, and went over to Perimeter Mall.

Walking into the capitalism cathedral, PG began to think that he was the only white man without a tattoo. The lady at the tea shop did not mind, and offered PG a sample of some product. The two teas the teased PG had a lovely taste, and many fine benefits for good health. The terminally frugal PG said thank you, and headed to the food court to meet Uzi.

Neither PG nor Uzi was ever a heavy duty shopper, and have slacked off more and more as time goes by. The number of massage and chiropractic kiosks in the mall was a bit surprising. Another asian in the mall promoted a show by Chinese acrobats, that is coming to Cobb County in August.

On the upstairs part of the mall (where fans blow the aroma of the food court) was the apple store. The merchandise was beautiful, and since PG can’t afford it, he didn’t ask what it costs. One computer had a screen the size of a living room TV, and the cutest keyboard. The sales staff was attentive, even the one with the tattoos. As PG left, the young lady at the door said “have an excellent day”.

Before long, it was time to hit the food court. First, you go for a slow walk around the facility, taking samples from anyone foolish enough to offer one. Then a decision is made, and in the best food court tradition, PG went to one vendor and Uzi to another. PG got a fine meal of chicken, rice, greens, water, and styrofoam, and paid $5.87. While the food court lacked the ambiance of Piccadilly, it was a nice change of pace.

After being satisfied that nothing had been missed, Uzi walked out to his car. A discussion was had about the struggle of old fogeyness(spell check suggestions:fogginess, forgiveness) , and how there has to be something else to do. PG walked back inside, took a few more pictures of mannequins, and went home.

While PG was taking mannequin pictures, Uzi suggested pasting head shots of Sarah Palin on top. This may yet happen, as both are plastic air heads. Getting a head picture that fits on the body is a bit tricky, and may be more trouble than it is worth.

While editing the pictures, PG listened to a segment of Bloggingheads. To no ones surprise, the show was about Sarah Palin and religion. The hottest ex-governor is on a lot of minds these days. At the end of the show, PG looked through the comments, and gave up after about forty.

The day before, bloggingheads ran a show about the Congo. There has been a ghastly war there, with millions reported dead. ( The real toll is unknowable.) Compared to the concern about “liberating” the people of Iraq, the slaughter in the Congo has gotten little attention in the USA. Compared to the outpouring of thought about Palinoid (spell check suggestions: Palindrome, Palimony ) religion, the diavlog on the Congo got one comment.

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