The Race For Governor

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on July 12, 2010

PG was waiting to comment on the Georgia Governors race. Before today, he was, reluctantly, supporting Karen Handel as the lesser of many evils. Today, Sarah Palin endorsed Mrs. Handel.

To begin with, the Georgia Governor’s race is none of caribou barbie’s business. We have enough problems without that idiot telling us who to vote for. In her endorsement of Ms. Handel, Mrs. Palin
said “She’ll balance budgets and help spur Georgia’s economy.” In Georgia, a balanced budget is required by state law .

What about the other candidates? It is a sorry bunch. The front runner, and likely runoff contestant, is John Oxendine . Mr. Oxendine is the state Insurance commissioner. He is alleged to receive campaign contributions from companies that he regulates. There was also a tacky fued which pitted Mr. Oxendine against a 15 year old blogger.

The next candidate to consider is Eric Johnson. . As a longtime legislator, Mr. Johnson possibly has ethical issues, but that pales before his involvement in the Genarlow Wilson affair.

Mr. Wilson is a young man sent to prison for having sex with a 15 yo, when Mr. Wilson was 17. Eric Johnson thought prison was appropriate for Mr. Wilson. State Attorney General Thurburt Baker, a democratic candidate for Governor, is also involved in the Genarlow Wilson affair..

The last two republicans we will consider are Humbert Humbert Ray McBerry and Nathan Deal. Mr. McBerry is a former educator, with an convincing reason for leaving the profession. Nathan Deal is a former congressman, who resigned before a house ethics investigation could take place. If you type “Nathan Deal ethics” into google, you will have 102k results.

The democratic side is hardly any better. Former governor “King Roy” Roy Barnes is running for another chance. One of his opponents is Attorney General Thurburt Baker. Mr. Baker was involved in the Genarlow Wilson affair..

Mr. Baker is an African American, which can be a disadvantage in redneck Georgia. Mr. Baker does not help himself with the commercial that is embedded above. White people are not impressed when a black man is said to not know his father.

Pictures are from The Library of Congress.

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