Counter Clock Wise

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on July 18, 2010

PG was putting the finishing touches on a blog post when Uzi called. He needed to go walking, and the weather radar said there was going to be a break between storms. An agreement was made to go walk around Chastain Park. (spell check suggestion:Chastity)
Typically, the men park between the swimming pool and the amphitheater. PG decided to take a new route in, and went behind the amphitheater. He could hear sounds from the stage, and decided the crews were setting up a show. When he met Uzi a minute later, PG suggested they walk past the amphitheater, and hear the sound check.
This involves a change in routine. Usually, they start out with a lap down Powers Ferry, around the golf course, and coming back north on Lake Forrest. This is clockwise. Starting out behind the amphitheater, however, meant starting the golf course circumnavigation down Lake Forrest, behind the Little League fields. The walk around the golf course was thus counter clockwise, which can be very confusing to a couple of old fogeys.

The sound check was going on at the amphitheater. Equipment was seen on the stage, and a man was yelling “yo, yo” into the microphone. There was a guard at the driveway that led to the backstage area. He said the band tonight was Counting Crows.

PG was finishing a week where his computer had been down 56 hours. He wound up getting into the yard sale videos. Uzi surprised PG by not liking “Young Frankenstein”, which is almost universally praised as a work of genius. PG thought YF was amusing and enjoyable, but not life changing. “Father of the bride” (the Steve Martin version) had provided more belly laughs.

When thinking of “Father of the bride”, PG always thought of an incident years ago. The movie was playing at the I85 Drive In (RIP). The title was on the marquee, and the H fell off. The result was “Fater of the bride”. You had to be there.

The drive in was down the road from an apartment complex. An unpleasant co worker of PG lived in this complex. Finally, this alleged human moved out. A week later, the complex had a sign in front, saying they had a “new attitude”.

One of the other movies PG had seen that week was “Gallipoli”. At one point, the young men of 1915 Australia were being persuaded to go fight in WW1. One young man said, with regards to the Turks, “If we don’t fight them over there, they might come and fight us here”. This is much the same logic that is employed today in the Babylon war.

By this time, the old fogeys were walking between Lake Forrest and the golf course. A lady came by walking two dogs. PG crouched down in front of one, who started to bark, in a threatening manner. The owner lady got a grip on the leash, and bloodshed was averted.

After making the turnaround at the American Legion house, the walk continued up Powers Ferry. By this time the clouds in the western sky were getting darker and darker. A decision was made to not stop for any more pictures, walk fast, and try to get to the cars before the next round of storms. About five minutes after they got to the cars, the bottom fell out.

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  1. I Write Like « Chamblee54 said, on July 18, 2010 at 6:42 pm

    […] PG went for a walk in Chastain Park with his friend Uzi. When he got home, it was time to write about it. After erasing the code, PG fed this post into “Iwritelike”. For the third time today, […]

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