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Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on July 18, 2010

PG saw a link on facebook (spell check suggestions:facetious,facecloth) recently for a site called “I Write Like”. The idea is to paste a few paragraphs of your work in the box, have their computer hamsters run a few laps, and find out what author your style is similar to. “For reliable results paste at least a few paragraphs (not tweets).”Since the twitter revolution has passed PG by (except for Conway Twitty (spell check suggestions:Witty, Titty, Twisty, Twittery) jokes), this is not a problem.

There is the matter of comparing apples to oranges. PG writes blog posts, which is a different animal from murder mysteries. Factor in ease of publication, no editor, fonts of color, and profuse illustration, and it is apparent that PG is performing in a new arena.

The last post by PG was about Mark Twain , a fine author to be compared to. After weeding out the quotes, PG fed the text into the window. (The ease of copy/paste quotes is another game changer from the days of Dickens.) The droid said ” I write like Kurt Vonnegut. “. The bottom of the page had an amazon link to the books of Mr. Vonnegut. Perhaps this is the true motive. And so it goes.

PG is writing a new blog . The idea is that this will be the new website of a club PG belongs to. In the spirit of adventure, the first post was fed into the coding robots . This time, logo read ” I write like Cory Doctorow”. PG has never heard of this person.

There was a doorstep encounter with a Jehovah’s Witness recently. The blog version was fed into  iwritelike (spell check suggestions:Christlike, treelike, skywriter, ghostwrite).  Just for fun, the html coding was included, and the pictures from the Crimean War left out. The result was, ” I write like Dan Brown”. Maybe someone confuses html for da vinci.

Ok, so far we have scored good, bad, and idontknow (spell check suggestions:idolization). Maybe a fourth trial will answer the question… should PG continue writing, or cut his hands off. (Voice activation software makes this a moot point). A recent post about profanity..always a crowd pleaser…is pasted in. “I write like Cory Doctorow”. It is time to go for a walk, before the alabama storms roll in.

A little while later… PG went for a walk in Chastain Park with his friend Uzi. When he got home, it was time to write about it. After erasing the code, PG fed this post into “Iwritelike”. For the third time today, the lookalike writer was Cory Doctorow. Amazon must have a lot of product by this person.

The text of this post was also linked to Cory Doctorow. Ok, when the Chamblee library is open, maybe they will have something by this Doctorow person. But just for tonight, PG wants to know of an author that he has heard of. Maybe he should quit while he is ahead, or still has a head. Whatever choice he makes, he will be east of Buckhead(spell check suggestions:Blockhead,Blackhead).

On Tuesday the 13th, PG wrote about the opium trade in Afghanistan as a possible motive for the war there. When he fed this text to the coding robots, the answer he got was ” I write like David Foster Wallace. “. At least PG doesn’t have hangups like Mr. Wallace.

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