The Worst Place On Earth

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on July 28, 2010

Foreign and The Fund for Peace have released Failed State Index 2010. For people who like to go over charts of numbers, it is an early Christmas present.

The Index rates countries on 12 indicators, giving a 1-10 score on each, with 1 the best and 10 the worst. The numbers are added up, and the countries ranked according to the score. In this system, the higher the score, the worse your nation is functioning.

The 10 categories in this contest are demographic pressures, refugees/displaced, legacy of vengeance, chronic human flight, uneven economic development, economic decline, crime and delegitimization of the state, deterioration of public services, lack of rule of law/human rights abuses, standing of the security forces, factionalized elites, and outside intervention.

In the chart, the country with the most points is number 1, the grand prize winner, the most dysfunctional country on earth. The blue ribbon this year goes to Somalia.

If you look at a map, and can find Somalia, without the help of Miss Teenage South Carolina, you will see why this is a cause for concern. Somalia is in the far west bulge of Africa, and all of the oil from the middle east goes by her. This is by definition a strategic location. US military action does not seem to improve the situation, and may make things worse.

The rest of the top eleven failed states is: 2 Chad, 3 Sudan, 4 Zimbabwe, 5 D.R. Congo, 6 Afghanistan, 7 Iraq, 8 Central African Republic, 9 Guinea, 10 Pakistan, and 11 Haiti. Haiti is the only Western Hemisphere country in the top eleven, and is generally regarded as a hellhole ( and that was before the earthquake.). The idea that there are 10 countries in worse shape is horrific.

Featured in this football team from hell are three countries the United States is killing people in. This would be 6 Afghanistan, 7 Iraq, and 10 Pakistan. The 2010 index is the sixth annual report.
This means there is not an index from before the “global war on terror” to compare Babylon to. In other words, we don’t know if Operation Iraqi Freedom made Iraq more or less stable.

There are 178 countries rated in the stability beauty contest. The most stable regime on earth is Norway, which was conquered in 1940. Those depressing movies by Ingmar Bergman must not hurt too much. The USA checks in at 159, between Germany and France. You might ask Belgium (164) about being between those two countries.

If you have a lot of free time, here are the Complete rankings . HT goes to musingsoniraq , who feels like Iraq is not being treated fairly.

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