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The fun lovers at obsidian wings had a special edition yesterday. All of the commenters (regular and constipated) were invited to introduce themselves. PG did not see this until late in the afternoon, when fifty people were already on record. He started to read the intros, and kept a running list of points to mention for himself.

It is tough to put something like this together. There is so much you could mention. Many people are mongrels, both in the family/ethnic sense and the intellectual sense. The labels used to describe groups of people become ridiculous when you get to an individual who thinks.

In keeping with point 7 on the list below, here is the introduction for Chamblee54. In an ironic twist, I received a sharply worded letter from Obsidian Wings. They do not approve of commenters inserting links into comments. The comment was posted, in an all black font, with the links taken out.

1- I was directed here by Andrew Sullivan. Whatever his flaws, his staff reads a lot of stuff, and will point you in some good directions.

2- I write my own blog… This blog is usually written in third person, and does not use the word “I”. Chamblee54 features multi colored fonts, and lots of pictures. The pictures often have nothing to do with the text.
The slogan is “pretty pictures and ugly opinions.” The slogan used to be a quote by Hunter S. Thompson, “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro“. I used this for a while until someone pointed out that I was misspelling weird. Talk about nit picky…I was quoting Hunter S. Thompson about weird! However , I learned my lesson…you can’t have weird without we.

3-I come to ObWi looking for ideas to write about. I always give credit. ObWi has lots of links.

4- Chamblee54 is a pseudonym, which is different from anonymous. I was born in 1954, and live just outside Chamblee, GA. This is off Peachtree Road 2 miles outside the Atlanta city limits. If you look at the pictures on my bio page, you get more clues to my “real” name. If you see me on facebook, you see this drivers license identity.

5- I am a native Georgian. My mother grew up in Atlanta, my father was from North Carolina. Both families have been in the United States long enough to lose all claim to ethnic identity. I am Caucasian, single, college educated, and looking for a job.

6- I started Chamblee54 in 2005. It was on blogspot at first, then something happened, and I could not access google. By this time I was posting lots of photo shopped pictures, and writing in fonts other than black. In February of 2008 I moved to WordPress, which is a superior product to blogspot/google. I toy with the idea of getting my own domain, but am too slack to make much progress in that direction.

7- I recycle material shamelessly. This will probably be a post, and maybe a page later. I haven’t decided what pictures to put up with it, but it will have nothing to do with me.

8- One of my hobbies is photo editing, using an open source program called GIMP.(Thank you Scent)
I have three main sources…my own photographs, “The Special Collections and Archives,Georgia State University Library” and The Library of Congress. If I live to be 100, and work full time at photo doobering, I could not exhaust these resources. (This is an ongoing process, with changes all the time. I just added the word “The” to the link for the GSU archives.)
9- Politically, I am skeptical of all moving lips. My religion is none of your business. The Wars in Babylon and Stan land are total disasters. These Wars are part of a triple whammy…the other parts are the banking meltdown, and the deepwater horizon…from which America may never fully recover.

10- I am a retired drunk. I decided in 1988 that it was the easiest way to live. That just might be the reason I am alive today. I detoxed from reefer in 2005, and don’t miss it that. I resent the laws against the benign weed. The war on drugs, except alcohol, is one of the core problems with America today. As for pills and powders, I never did develop a taste for them. This is due as much to social retardation, and cheapness, as virtue, but it has the same effect.

11- It was once said that if a man is not liberal when he is twenty, he does not have a heart. If he is not conservative by forty, then he does not have a brain. That was said a while back, before the meanings of the L and C words got to be so distorted. Maybe I don’t have a brain or a heart, but I do have a gut. When a skinny man gains weight in mid life, that is where the pounds go.

Photo Notes The first two are, from left to right, Helen LaFlaur (my aunt), Mattie Vance Moffat (my grandmother), and Jean Dunaway McKinnon (my mother). These pictures were taken in the back yard of our house on Wimberly Road, probably by Chuck LaFlaur. What Gran said is not known. The third picture is Jean Mckinnon. The last picture is Luther McKinnon, Sr. and Jr. Other pictures are from The Library of Congress

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