Hedwig And The Angry Inch

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Uzi sent PG an ad, suggesting that you could see a free movie at the Fox Theater.” What ya think? //
there is a troubling phrase ” a nominal processing fee will be applied” other than that, i think it is a groovy idea// I am working on that now, I think it is $.75 each. I’ll treat. Will get back to you when I have tickets. // OK. the “nominal processing feeS have been applied. I am out $7.20. Anyhow, next Tuesday, August 10th at 7:30 PM we are on. Will tell you details when we talk Sunday, “

The movie was “the general” a silent comedy with Buster Keaton. Nobody was worked up about seeing it, but it was a chance to get out of the house and into the Fox. Thursday afternoon, they talked on the phone, and agreed to meet in the food court next to the train station at around 7 pm.

When PG got to the chamblee station, his breeze card had expired. He had to purchase a new one, and tried to pay for it with a credit card. The machine would not take plastic, and PG had to use a 20. This left him with a pocket full of Susan B. Anthony dollars.

When PG got to North Avenue, Uzi was talking to two ladies. They wanted to know where the Varsity was. PG assured them the food was horrible, but gave directions anyway.

When they got to the Fox, they gave the tickets to the man and were let in. Uzi soon found out that it was Thursday, and “The General” was playing on Tuesday. The movie Thursday was “Sex and the city 2”, which is rumored to be the worst movie of the year. A decision was made to go to the Spring Fourth center, for a free performance of “Hedwig and the Angry Inch”.

Uzi had seen “Hedwig” a while back and hated it. Thursday was the final performance of what had been a troubled production. After the promotion team did a terrible job, the last three shows were free. PG had been eager to see “Hedwig”, and was delighted to take this as an alternative to “Sex and the city 2”.

When they got to the Spring Fourth center, the marquee advertised an 8:30 start. A bum asked PG for money when he went in. The lady at the center said that no ticket was required, but that it would be an hour wait for the show. PG & Uzi decided to go next door to Arby’s to wait. On the sidewalk outside Arby’s a friend of PG’s, “Dakota” appeared. The three went into Arby’s. The same bum who asked PG for money a minute earlier was asking Arby diners to help him out. Something about getting enough money to get back to Marietta.

Before long, PG, Uzi, and Dakota were settling into folding chairs on the third row, while some of the musicians warmed up. The keyboard man had sheet music for the show on his Yamaha device, and indeed was playing his first show. The drummer drummed, and a large black man in a dress played guitar. Soon, the house lights dimmed, and a slender person; with a multi colored wig’ took the stage.

In about a minute, a creature with a shawl of many colors was standing center stage. The band played, and Hedwig sang the first song.. The story was told, of a young man from East Berlin, who met a soldier named Luther Robinson. The plan was for the two to get married in Berlin and come to America. Before this could happen, surgical alterations were required. As the saying goes, if you want to go, you need to leave something behind.

A year later the Berlin Wall came down, and Hansel/Hedwig was divorced, living in a trailer, and left with the remains of a botched sex change. All is not horrible, as Hedwig meets Tommy Gnosis and…well, maybe things aren’t that groovy after all.

The band rocked, the story kept a fast pace, and there wasn’t a dull moment. At one point a dildo appeared, and the guitar player and alternate singer took turns throwing it at each other. The script was updated and localized, with references to General Sherman, and Philips Arena.

Hedwig had a variety of wigs and costumes, most of them redhead based. This was a welcome change from the bleach blond look of the movie. The costumes covered less and less, until he finished the night wearing a pair of shorts, smashing two tomatoes into his chest, and running off the stage. Meanwhile, the alternate singer/stage hand came back on stage out of costume…she was a real girl.

As an encore, Hedwig, the guitar man, and the keyboard player did “Poker Face”. The house lights went on after that, and the crowd stood around chatting with performers. PG went up to Hedwig, and said “my name is Luther.”

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    […] robbed at gunpoint near this location. The robbery was the same night that PG & Uzi had seen Hedwig and the Angry Inch (and been nervous about the two block walk to the train station after the show.) As it happened […]

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