Good You Like

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Today’s supply of instant wisdom comes from Cool Likes. At least it is not cool beans. The pictures are from The Library of Congress.
A friend is someone who understands your past,believes in your future and accepts you just the way you are.//Jersey Shore: ANGELINA GO HOME!//”LIKE” IF YOU LOVE GOD!!! :)//”ughh im so full”..”who wants dessert?”..”MEEE!!!”//I wrote, I said I hate you. But deep inside my heart, I can’t even bear to hate you. Reason being I love you way too much. <3//Nerd? We prefer the term: Intellectual Badass.//Find the sad face! :):):):):):):):):):):): like if you found it!//I wanna meet myself as someone else just to see what it feels like : D//”OMG your so pretty!” “No I’m not!” “listen bitch, STFU and except the compliment!”//Phil:”Whose baby is that?” Alan: “Check its collar or something.” – The Hangover// I loved u once, i love u still, i always have and always will*//36 degrees, HAH and people thought canadians lived in igloos :) //Mike: i eat chocolate cookies every night!//”OMG, You’re SOOO Cute” “I KNOW THAT ALREADY!” :D//Jesus will pick me up, even if the whole world tries to puch me down!//”like mo to pag galit or naiinis ka ngayon”//my bf//ya never want the person thats mad bout ya, till they’re gone, then ur mad bout them but ya just fuked it all up!!//what’s harder? to break up with the one you love? or to not eat your favorite treat in front of you?//Why is your body nice but your face isn’t! D://Why am i like this?, Why is winter cold.//Damn, its sunday! :(//lookin @ a sluts status & seein shes leavin for vacation & right then you think “yes the std spreader will stop spreading stds for a week here while shes doing 10 other guys where ever the hell her di//Jealousy is experienced throughout your life, but when you meet that one special person, jealousy is appears on a whole new level…”//’dude,how was the exam??”..”not bad dude…by the way which paper was it today?””//like this if one of these sonqs are one of your faves: Airplanes, Beauty From Pain, Fireflies, or Your Love”//You get up and paint a smile on your face, this is a part of your daily costume.//you’ll see a puppy and you’ll be like “aww come here little doggy”//It´s not how many times you´ve been knocked down, it’s how many times you get back up.//When someone says they are not on Facebook because they don’t have time for it. Are you serious? Who does?!?//your a skank with no job – JWOWW//phobia of heights//Your Kpop GF/BF is Heechul//like this if you have a facebook//hot motocross guys ;)//If girls get period pains… Boys should be kicked in the balls once per month. You know… Just to make it even!//i love in the winter when you can stay out all night with a friend and then come in having hot chocolate and watching tv// :) Matulog ng naka bukas ang mata.//You tend to trust the person that u love most, tho deep inside u know that he/she is lying.. //When i am rich, you wil be my Bitch//Jesus will pick me up, even if the whole world tries to puch me down!//I love on Halloween all the pumpkins that are out and it always smells sooo ggood <3//Mike: i eat chocolate chip cookies every night!//Mike: i eat chocolate cookies every night!//Our God is an Awesome God//jokes//Our God is an awesome God//♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ISTAMBUL, Im coming ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥//Boys are like stars, there are millions of them out there, but only one can make your dreams come true.//long distance relationship//Why am i like this?, Why is winter cold.//Smiling at someone but wanting to poke them in the eye//bein single used to mean no1 wanted u!! But now it means u can sit back ride the WAVES and choose carefully the person good enuf to take UR SINGLE tag away from you, yeeeeeeha!!//Type what you like here.//I CATT//ya never want the person thats mad bout ya, till they’re gone, then ur mad bout them but ya just fuked it all up!!//Gerard lee is a midget!! :D :)//why do you have a nice body! But no commnt on the face….//If 2010 was the best year of your life so far, life this//

The Power Of Kindness

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This is a repost . There are few situations that could not be made better with a bit of kindness. An act of kindness is better than belief in an ancient text being inerrant. Pictures are from Little Five Points, just before Halloween last year. Does anyone know that man in the green hat?
There is a bit of a debate going on about whether, or not, Jesus said to “Love your enemy”. There are some who profess to believe this, and proceed to practice the opposite. There are others who claim to love their enemies, but you have to understand what they mean by it. It can be very confusing.
PG went to a source for documentation. Oh, the blessed conjunction of copy paste with public domain. When PG entered enemy (singular) in the search engine, 100 verses came up. When the request was made plural ( enemies), 237 entries popped up. The last mention of enemies in the bible is…
Revelation 11:12 “Then they heard a loud voice from heaven saying to them, “Come up here!” And they went up to heaven in a cloud, and their enemies watched them” Loving your enemies does not include bringing them to heaven with you.
As for Jboi, he was quoted as saying
Matthew 5:44 “But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you”.
There is a scholarly debate about what Jesus did or did not say. The words available to modern man have been copied by hand, edited, translated, and interpreted. PG does not know Greek from Geek, and cannot tell Aramaic from Alabama. Like anyone else, PG can only read and listen, and think.

In a sense it does not matter what Jesus “really” said. The cult of Jesus Worship is going to believe what it wants. More important, it is going to practice what it wants. As far as the difference between what Jesus “really” said and what his (loud) believers say and do…they can explain.

What follows is a humble suggestion. Maybe the translators and scribes got it wrong. Maybe Jesus did not say to love your enemy. Maybe what Jesus said was to show kindness. This is a practice thing, rather than a belief thing.

It is not as much fun to be nice to someone, as it is to scream about life after death. Kindness does not need to be justified by a quote from a magic book. You just need to do it.


The Right To Be Rude

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Dr. Laura got back in the spotlight recently. A caller asked about how to deal with her husband’s relatives, who were a different color than her. The Doctor listened as long as she could, and went on a rampage. For those with better things to do than listen to idiots, these four seconds tell the story.

The use of a bad word is just part of the problem. Mrs. Shlosh Sketchy Schlessinger (spell check suggestions: Schlepping,Schwinger,Speechlessness) is a rude, rude woman. She seems incapable of letting anyone else finish what they have to say. This is a common problem .

Keith Olbermann ( who is known to have an attitude himself) recently honored Dr. Laura as the worst person in the world. He said that use of a six letter word was not the worst thing she said. There were comments to the effect that once “we” elected a black president, that racism would go away. There were a few more absurdities, if you really care to listen.

It is a touch ironic to consider that Mrs. Schlessinger is an orthodox Jew. Their tradition says, the child of a Jewish mother is a Jew. When you play by those rules, Barack Obama is white.

Dr. Schlessinger made a few more appearances after she checked her makeup. There was talk about first amendment rights being violated. PG does not see where the first amendment gives you the right to cut off a person and rant.

Pictures today are from ” The Special Collections and Archives,Georgia State University Library”.

Almost Famous

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There was a listing at the Department of Labor for movie extras. PG got a referral, and was told to be on Martin Luther King Dr. in Newnan on Tuesday afternoon. Before he could write down the address, the computer crashed.

The library computer had the notice from the DOL, but not the email message. The original notice said to wear layers…t shirt, shirt with buttons, and a jacket. This seemed at odds with an August event.

When Tuesday came, PG faced a dilemma. Newnan isn’t that big a place, and how many large buildings are on Martin Luther King Dr? A decision was made to go to Newnan and wing it.

The first order of business was to find MLK Drive. A hotel on the main drag had a visitors magazine, which had a map of Newnan. MLK Dr. was apparently a major road, reached by driving across town .

First, PG went right, and found the road ending near downtown. He turned around, and soon saw a school, with a line of people in front. PG drove to the end of the road, hoping that the line of people was for something else. Soon, he was turning around, finding a place to park, and getting in line.

It was August in Georgia, there were no clouds and no shade. At the end of the line was a stack of cards to fill out, with information for the “job fair”. There was no more denial…if you wanted to be in movies, you needed to wait in the sun. The layers were left in the car.

Before an ambulance was called, PG was called into the building. Air conditioning never felt better. Once inside, the process moved with great efficiency. A lady wrote your name and clothing size on a board, which you held in front when your portrait was made. PG took his glasses off, smiled, and waited to become famous. Pictures for this story are from The Library of Congress.

Divas Part Five

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Today is the last Diva Thursday, at least for now. The cd this series is based on had 17 ladies, and today will feature the last four. There are lots of other lady singers, and Diva Thursday will be back.
Nouvelle Vague does not fit the pattern set by others. It is a French collective, and has a parade of singers.

Bessie Smith was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee, either July 9, 1892 or April 15, 1894. She became a star of the TOBA (Theater Owners Booking Association, or Tough on Black Asses) vaudeville circuit.
Miss Smith made numerous appearances at the 81 Theater, at 81 Decatur Street, where Georgia State University stands today. Miss Smith was one of the first ladies to perform on “race records”.

Bessie Smith was in an auto accident September 26, 1937, between Memphis, Tennessee and Clarksdale, Mississippi. She died in Clarksdale. A story, now discredited, said that she was refused admission to a whites only hospital.

Gillian Howard Welch was born October 2, 1967 in New York City. She performs with her partner, David Rawlings. Miss Welch has avoided scandals and addictions, or has not gotten caught.

Patricia Lee “Patti” Smith was born December 30, 1946. She grew up in Deptford Township, New Jersey, which she escaped as soon as possible. Miss Smith was the gf of Robert Mapplethorpe, before she found out her plumbing did not fit his washing machine. Mr. Mapplethorpe took the picture on the cover of “Horses”.

Patti Smith was quite the sensation in the mid seventies. She fell off a stage and injured her neck January 23, 1977. This required her to take a year off, while punk rock was exploding in popularity. Patti returned to action in 1978, only to get married and retire from music. Patti Smith did return to performing, and now has her son Jackson in the band.


What Does Amazon Know?

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It has been a wild few days at chamblee54. Sunday morning, the primary hard drive crashed. Most of the data was backed up, so it wasn’t a disaster. We are back and running now, but with the inevitable setting up that a new system requires. The crew at Delta Computers is great. To get back with the program, we offer a repost. New material will resume shortly.

Amazon just scared PG. They are too optimistic . The first thing PG gave up when he lost his job was paying for reading material. The Chamblee Library has come a long ways from its humble beginnings as a storefront, next to Woolworths.

PG is reading “Wild Ducks Flying Backwards” by Tom Robbins. At least that is who got the copyright. The real star of this book is the contractual advance brigade at Bantam Books. WDFB is not a novel, but a collection of magazine articles. There is even rumored to be, G-d forbid, poetry.

Tom Robbins is a hero to PG. Ever since page three of “Another Roadside Attraction”, when Amanda asked about the meaning of life. When the oblique one asked how Amanda would repay him for this knowledge, she lowered her eyes and said “I will suck you off”. PG was hooked, and read each of the seven novels that followed.

One night in 1990, PG went to a eye clinic in Little Five Points to pick up his contact lens. It was a first for him…to see the world click into focus, without glasses, was astounding. From there it was on to Buckhead. A car dealership, turned bookstore, hosted an appearance by Tom Robbins (who did you expect, Neal Boortz?). PG was too late for the speech, but did get to wander by the desk while he signed books. Mr. Robbins also stood up, and slowly turned around, to lusty cheers .

PG then went home, to find a message on his machine. A longtime friend said to call him, it was important. When PG obliged, he learned that his friend had AIDS. This is enough  for one day.

So, what does this have to do with the mind police at amazon? PG likes to write book reports, and he gives a link to Amazon for the book as a way of giving information. Well, those amazoners collect this information, and have a list of books that you inquire about in the corner. You don’t even have to buy them, which is handy for PG.

They also have a list of books “you might also consider”, which is where we go into never never land. PG likes Rock and Roll books, including ubertacky (spell check suggestions:puberty ) groupie sagas. That afternoon on the sofa reading “Going down with Janis” by Peggy Casserta (spell check suggestions :Casserole ) was memorable, even if PG didn’t believe a word of it. So, what does Amazon suggest but “I’m with the band” by Pamela Des Barres. PG hasn’t inquired, but has thought about it. He read “I’m with…” some 15-30 years ago. Its a small world, or maybe a small mind connected to a medium internet.


The Good Life

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PG has read The Good Life by Jay McInerney (spell check suggestions:Machinery,Internecine). It was fun to read, but had a confusing conclusion.

“Bright Lights Big City” made Mr. McInerney a star, and almost finished him off. PG got a yardsale copy of BLBC, and stayed up to 2 am one night reading it. There were comparisons to F.Scott Fitzgerald, both for literary talent and mega substance use.

At some point, Mr. McInerney had a relationship with Rielle Hunter. The former Lisa Jo Druck went on to be the kidsmomma for John Edwards. A book, “The story of my life”, had a character based on Miss Hunter. Mr. McInerney was reported to be horrified by her behavior. There are characters like Miss Hunter in “The Good Life”… Manhatten vamps with the latest fashions, and few morals.

Nine eleven was supposed to change all of that. It did have an impact on the characters of “The Good Life”. The main players are Luke and Corinne, who meet in a Ground Zero Mosque soup kitchen. Both were married in theory, but past due stepping out.

The action goes fast once the story gets started. Corinne and Luke both catch  spouses doing what they shouldn’t . Luke’s daughter has a bad case of growing up wealthy in New York. The fun spins out of control, but screeches to a fuzzy stop. If PG knew how the book ended, he could issue a spoiler alert. He finished the story shaking his head. Maybe there is going to be “The Good Life part 2”.

Other critics were not kind to this story. The top reader review at Amazon has this gem “Or it may be that an exasperated committee of Jay McInerneys took a poll and commercial interest defeated literary integrity with a sigh of ennui. “

Two Extra Poketz

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What follows is another collection of snappy sayings . One looks at these and wonders, is freedom of speech really a good idea? We have the ability to send your thoughts around the world, at the speed of light, and this is what you have to say. Yes, you are entitled
to an opinion, just like everyone else. In more repressed times, this was not a problem. Look at these happy faces from The Library of Congress. “I am THIS close to calling your mother!!” “Tell her I said hi!!”//IT’S BETTER TO HAVE LOVED & LOST THAN TO LIVE WITH THE PSYCHO THE REST OF YOUR LIFE..//I live for Christ. He is my way, my light, my strength, and my savior :) Whose with me?//Yeah, I’m quiet… around you. You should see me with my friends.//When I saw you I was afraid to meet you. When I met you I was afraid to kiss you. When I kissed you I was afraid to love you. Now that I love you, I am afraid to lose you <3//”Did it hurt?” “What?” “When you fell from heaven…” “Aaawww :)” “Because your face is FUUUCKED UP.”//”feel my legs!!!” ” “..why..” “i just shaved:)”//Dont walk into my life if you intend to leave me//Say this fast [ I, 1, 2, 1/2 6] Join if you get it ;)//I wish life had an “Undo” button.//Click LIKE if you know the difference between there, their, and they’re. They are not interchangeable.//Join If You Love Me :D//Home alone? ▶Music♩♪♫♬ Volume: ▁ ▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ █ 100 %//”Ha i’m older than you.”-“Ha you’ll die first.”//I miss being a kid. Scraped knees are easier to fix than a broken heart.//Best revenge? Smile, be happy, never let them know it hurt.//38 Things Guys wish girls knew (Guys: Is any of this true? Girls: You might want to look at this!)? 38 things guys wish girls knew 1. Guys are more emotional then you think, if they loved you at one point, it’ll take them a lot longer then you think to le//Boy “She’s hot.” Girl “She’s a bitch.” … Girl “He’s hot.” Boy “He’s gay.”//Mommiee can i have those shoes? *sure………….yur paying for them right?* Nevermind i dont want them anymore.//If I had sex as often as I’ve been screwed, I’d be one happy fckr! , lol//I miss when it was acceptable to have a million people in an aim chat at the same time.//Boobs aren’t for u stupid boyz =) they’re for us girls who go thru so much so g-d gave us 2 extra poketz for : Money, Liters, Cell Phones, Chap Stick, etc.!! =)//”Don’t worry the perfect guy/girl will come along” You: “Yeah well he/she is sure taking their damn time about it”//you’re not allowed to have sex until you’re 16, but you’re not aloud too look at porn until you’re 18… right, so you’re allowed to have sex, just not allowed too look down.//most beautiful woman in the world :)//Like this if your a NINJA!! :)//Like this if youve tried to imitate the redneck tryna fist pump on jersey shore!//Grammar Peeves: The “use” of deodorant is “supposed” to stop body odor. I “suppose” you could get “used” to smelling like a wet dog.//Relationships are like glass. Sometimes it’s better to leave them broken than try to hurt yourself putting it back together.//Your mum shouts at you then u got to ur room and slam the door she comes in and shouts again because u slamed the door then she goes and slames the door//When your typing to someone and you see their typing too so you try to beat them to it.//ther’s always that fake girl who face you want to beat in with something little so it takes longer and hurts more: D

Hedwig And The Angry Inch

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Uzi sent PG an ad, suggesting that you could see a free movie at the Fox Theater.” What ya think? //
there is a troubling phrase ” a nominal processing fee will be applied” other than that, i think it is a groovy idea// I am working on that now, I think it is $.75 each. I’ll treat. Will get back to you when I have tickets. // OK. the “nominal processing feeS have been applied. I am out $7.20. Anyhow, next Tuesday, August 10th at 7:30 PM we are on. Will tell you details when we talk Sunday, “

The movie was “the general” a silent comedy with Buster Keaton. Nobody was worked up about seeing it, but it was a chance to get out of the house and into the Fox. Thursday afternoon, they talked on the phone, and agreed to meet in the food court next to the train station at around 7 pm.

When PG got to the chamblee station, his breeze card had expired. He had to purchase a new one, and tried to pay for it with a credit card. The machine would not take plastic, and PG had to use a 20. This left him with a pocket full of Susan B. Anthony dollars.

When PG got to North Avenue, Uzi was talking to two ladies. They wanted to know where the Varsity was. PG assured them the food was horrible, but gave directions anyway.

When they got to the Fox, they gave the tickets to the man and were let in. Uzi soon found out that it was Thursday, and “The General” was playing on Tuesday. The movie Thursday was “Sex and the city 2”, which is rumored to be the worst movie of the year. A decision was made to go to the Spring Fourth center, for a free performance of “Hedwig and the Angry Inch”.

Uzi had seen “Hedwig” a while back and hated it. Thursday was the final performance of what had been a troubled production. After the promotion team did a terrible job, the last three shows were free. PG had been eager to see “Hedwig”, and was delighted to take this as an alternative to “Sex and the city 2”.

When they got to the Spring Fourth center, the marquee advertised an 8:30 start. A bum asked PG for money when he went in. The lady at the center said that no ticket was required, but that it would be an hour wait for the show. PG & Uzi decided to go next door to Arby’s to wait. On the sidewalk outside Arby’s a friend of PG’s, “Dakota” appeared. The three went into Arby’s. The same bum who asked PG for money a minute earlier was asking Arby diners to help him out. Something about getting enough money to get back to Marietta.

Before long, PG, Uzi, and Dakota were settling into folding chairs on the third row, while some of the musicians warmed up. The keyboard man had sheet music for the show on his Yamaha device, and indeed was playing his first show. The drummer drummed, and a large black man in a dress played guitar. Soon, the house lights dimmed, and a slender person; with a multi colored wig’ took the stage.

In about a minute, a creature with a shawl of many colors was standing center stage. The band played, and Hedwig sang the first song.. The story was told, of a young man from East Berlin, who met a soldier named Luther Robinson. The plan was for the two to get married in Berlin and come to America. Before this could happen, surgical alterations were required. As the saying goes, if you want to go, you need to leave something behind.

A year later the Berlin Wall came down, and Hansel/Hedwig was divorced, living in a trailer, and left with the remains of a botched sex change. All is not horrible, as Hedwig meets Tommy Gnosis and…well, maybe things aren’t that groovy after all.

The band rocked, the story kept a fast pace, and there wasn’t a dull moment. At one point a dildo appeared, and the guitar player and alternate singer took turns throwing it at each other. The script was updated and localized, with references to General Sherman, and Philips Arena.

Hedwig had a variety of wigs and costumes, most of them redhead based. This was a welcome change from the bleach blond look of the movie. The costumes covered less and less, until he finished the night wearing a pair of shorts, smashing two tomatoes into his chest, and running off the stage. Meanwhile, the alternate singer/stage hand came back on stage out of costume…she was a real girl.

As an encore, Hedwig, the guitar man, and the keyboard player did “Poker Face”. The house lights went on after that, and the crowd stood around chatting with performers. PG went up to Hedwig, and said “my name is Luther.”

War For Profit

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There was a feature the other day on the innertube called War is a racket . It was about a man with the unlikely name of Smedley Butler . Pictures for today’s adventure are from The Library of Congress. The video features an actor named Graham Frye in the role of General Butler. The video is courtesy of Smedley D. Butler Brigade Chapter 9 Veterans For Peace. (spell check suggestions:Medley,Smelly,Smelter)

Major General Smedley Darlington Butler was a star of the U.S. Marine Corps. He lied about his age to enlist during the Spanish American War. Mr. Butler served in Philippines, China , Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America and World War I. With the exception of World War I, most of these conflicts are forgotten today.

Smedley Butler received the Medal of Honor twice.
“His first Medal of Honor was presented following action at Vera Cruz, Mexico, 21-22 April 1914, where he commanded the Marines who landed and occupied the city. Maj Butler “was eminent and conspicuous in command of his Battalion. He exhibited courage and skill in leading his men through the action of the 22nd and in the final occupation of the city…The following year, he was awarded the second Medal of Honor for bravery and forceful leadership as Commanding Officer of detachments of Marines and seamen of the USS Connecticut in repulsing Caco resistance on Fort Riviere, Haiti, 17 November 1915.”
After his retirement in 1931, Mr. Butler had a change of heart, and decided that killing for Uncle Sam was not such a great idea. He wrote a book, “War is a Racket”, and became a popular speaker. Here is a “money quote”…
“I spent 33 years and four months in active military service and during that period I spent most of my time as a high class thug for Big Business, for Wall Street and the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism. I helped make Mexico and especially Tampico safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefit of Wall Street. I helped purify Nicaragua for the International Banking House of Brown Brothers in 1902–1912. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for the American sugar interests in 1916. I helped make Honduras right for the American fruit companies in 1903. In China in 1927 I helped see to it that Standard Oil went on its way unmolested. Looking back on it, I might have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was to operate his racket in three districts. I operated on three continents.”
Smedley Butler died June 21, 1940. Eighteen months later, America was at War again. How he would have reacted to that conflict is a mystery.

Divas Part Four

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Diva Thursday comes rolling into Dodge like a …wait a minute, this is not happening yet. Like Truman Capote dishing Jack Keruac, or Norman Mailer corrupting Gore Vidal, the sun is gonna shine on my backdoor someday. Maybe the next paragraph will work better.

This is Diva Thursday, the fourth installment. Funny how no one worries about Thursday the 13th.
Especially when this is reposted a year later on the 12th. Next week will be the last of the cd, and then this train goes off the tracks.

The opening act for the shower of stars is Annie Lennox. She uses her real name, with no middle name, for a stage name. Annie was born on Christmas Day 1954 in Aberdeen, Scotland. Wikipedia notes no major scandals or addictions, which is true of all our divas today.

Annie achieved major popularity with the Eurythmics. Her partner was a former boyfriend, Dave Stewart. This was back when MTV played videos, and Annie made some good ones. Like most MTV era videos, there is no embedding. Miss Lennox has gone on to make several solo albums, and is an activist and fighter for good causes.

Sarah Lois Vaughan was born March 27, 1924 in Newark N.J. She is the today’s only diva to pass, having left us April 3, 1990. She won a talent contest at Harlem’s Apollo theater, and became a star. Miss Vaughn was married three times, and had the bad habit of allowing her husbands to manage her.

Emmy Lou Harris was born April 2, 1947 in Birmingham, Alabama. She uses her “real” name for performing, and has avoided scandals and addictions (or had the grace to not get caught). Emmy Lou was a vocalist in a band with Gram Parsons, and was torn up when he died. ( PG does not know if there was a romance, or just a musical partnership.)

Emmy Lou has had a long and happy career. She refuses to dye her hair, and is a hero for many of us with gray hair. There is a video of her (with dark hair) that does not allow embedding.


Why She Lost

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It is the day after the runoff. Nathan Deal (once known as a corrupt congressman) beat Karen Handel. The smart people across the state have their opinions, and chamblee54’s don’t stink any worse. As always, if you get tired of the text, you can always look at the pictures (from ” The Special Collections and Archives,Georgia State University Library” . Thank you Live Apartment Fire for the video.

1- Maybe people are getting tired of Sarah Palin. The endorsement by Mama Grizzly was seen as a game changer, and indeed Mrs. Handel won the first round primary. The day before the runoff, there was a rally in Buckhead with an appearance by Mrs. Palin. PG attended, and did not have a favorable opinion of Mrs. Handel when he left.

Karen Handel is not a likeable person. Karen Handel is a boring speaker, especially compared to a dynamo like Sarah Palin. She got a national superstar to come to her party, and the faithful were impressed, but who else?
Maybe PG was not the only one offended by Mrs. Palin telling “yall” how to vote. Maybe people are getting tired of her performance art, and the trailer trash antics of the extended Palin family. While the tea party crowd cheers on her rants about big government, maybe the rest of the country is changing channels?

2- Seeing Karen Handel in person, PG realized that he simply did not like the woman. She does not connect with the crowd. She comes across as a script reading politician.

A month ago, PG saw Mrs. Handel as the least of the evils in the governor’s race. The front runner was a squalid piece of refuse named John Oxendine. The other men included Nathan Deal, a state senator who wants teenagers to go to prison for having sex, and Humbert Humbert. While Mrs. Handel did not seem special in any way, at least she was not under indictment.

3- After going to the rally, PG went home to write about what he saw. He went to a Handel website and looked at the bio page. Two things struck him…Mrs. Handel’s maiden name was not mentioned, and her husband was referred to as “Steve”. PG decided to call the Handel campaign.

To the credit of the campaign, a live person answered the phone. When asked about Mrs. Handel’s maiden name, the lady said ” no one has ever asked me that”. She put the phone down, and went looking for someone in the office who would know.

While the search went on, PG chatted with the lady. Yes, her husband is Steve Handel. No, she is not pulling a Hillary Rodham on us. Finally, someone came forth with the word that her maiden name was Karen C. Walker. What the C stands for is a mystery.

No one is saying that Karen Handel lost the race because she did not show her maiden name in her campaign bio. But it does fit in with the impression that PG got at the rally…that Karen Handel was a script reading mannequin, saying what she thought the people wanted to hear. Maybe there is some substance behind that red suit, but we won’t find out in this election.