Constitutional Amendments

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Part of the fun on election day is the constitutional amendments. Georgia always seems to toss in a few. Never mind that the US Constitution has been amended 17 times after the Bill of Rights.
A lot of people, PG included, don’t give a lot of thought to these amendments. After slogging through the elected offices, a voter is confronted with a list of amendments. These tend to be written in obscure language, hoping the confused voter will say yes.

The helpful State of Georgia has published a document, “PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENTS AND STATE-WIDE REFERENDUM QUESTION GENERAL ELECTION NOVEMBER 2, 2010” Maybe we should look at the referendum question first. House Bill No. 482 S h a l l t h e A c t b e a p p r o v e d w h i c h grants an exemption from state ad valorem taxation for inventory of a business?” PG doesn’t understand this, and sees a broke state trying to give away money it doesn’t have. NO.

Amendment 1 allows legislation to permit something to do with competitive bidding for state contracts. PG cannot make heads or tails of this one, and suspects crookedness. NO

Amendment 2 allows for a $10 per vehicle tag tax to go to funding trauma care centers in the state. This seems like a good idea, especially if you fall under a bus in Unadilla. The fact that something this important needs this much effort to get passed tells you a lot about the sorry state of governance in these tea party times. YES

Amendment 3 deals with multi year contracts for transportation projects. There is a lot of mumbo jumbo here, and the smell of pork rising from the oven. NO

Amendment 4 allows the state to enact multi year contracts to improve energy efficiency. There is pork and mumbo jumbo here, but energy efficiency is a good thing. YES

Amendment 5 deals with Industrial area zoning in Chatham County and Jeff Davis County. Good Grief. Will this affect The Lady Chablis? YES.

Pictures are from ” The Special Collections and Archives,Georgia State University Library”. HT to the blogfordemocracy.

Jill and Elena Part Three

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The story of Jill Chambers and Elena Parent keeps stumbling on. The two ladies are running for the Georgia House of Representatives, from the 81st district. Mrs. Chambers is the Republican incumbent, while Miss Parent is the Democratic challenger. This blog has reported part one and part two already. There have been a few developments since then.

A few weeks ago, Mrs. Chambers filed for bankruptcy . This is not surprising, in light of her first campaign mailout. What was interesting was the fact that her campaign is not incorporated, and that creditors covet her war chest. These funds have been frozen , which makes it tough to compete.

Meanwhile, Elena Parent keeps rolling on. Her oh-so-slick mailouts denounce Mrs. Chambers for raising taxes. The fact that the state is broke, and will need some form of revenue, is not mentioned. If Miss Parent is elected, she will probably vote for a tax increase.
If you go to Miss Parent’s website , you will see the video she has on auto start.
( Auto start is a horrible invention. Any politician using auto start needs to lose.) Miss Parent shows off her infant son, and says that schools need more money. She does not say where this money is going to come from, without a tax increase. She also does not say who is caring for her son while mommy is running for the Legislature. ( Miss Parent is an attorney. Her lips were moving in this video.)
The mailouts about Jill Chambers may have gone too far. The latest mailout has the same visual style of the previous ads from Miss Parent, but does not mention her name. ( They were paid for by “Georgia Leaders”. The return address is “Democratic Party of Georgia, 1100 Spring St. NW, Atlanta GA 30309”) These two mailers discuss some tax issues of Mrs. Chambers.
The problem lies in the use of the last four digits of a social security number. A tax document is shown, and the last four digits of Mrs. Chambers social are shown. The Democratic Party is being sued.

The issue that PG likes to bring up is water. Atlanta has an undependable water supply. Any long term solution is going to be expensive. Neither candidate has addressed this issue. Miss Parent has not said how we will build a pipeline to the Tennessee River without raising taxes.

Jill Chambers has angered many during her time in the legislature. She opposed establishing the City of Dunwoody, which earned the animosity of Dick Williams. A former writer for the fishwrapper, the bowtie wearing Williams has spewed vile hate speech against gay people.If Dick Williams hates Jill Chambers, then maybe she is not so bad. And Elena Parent does not seem to be much better.

What Rocky Horror Show Character Is PG?

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PG saw an FB comment about “which Rocky Horror Show Character are you”. Uncle Google had a variety of tests for this purpose. The youthink quiz has 13 multiple choice questions. It said that PG was Columbia, a groupie. The liveliest question was number 8. PG lives in a neighborhood with a lot of ethnic eateries, which may have influenced his choice. “Which of these are you most likely to do?Catch the bouquet at a wedding//Run out of the room, after realizing that tonights dinner, was the remains of your lover//Build a man, with blonde hair and a tan….who`s good for realieving your….tension//Act like a low-down punk//Shoot your master with a laser.”

The next step was quizilla , which advertises Domino’s pizza. You are given the chance to buy 4 tickets to a hockey match, along with 4 chick fil a value paks, for $85. They told PG he was Brad Majors. This is the character the crowds scream ASSHOLE at every time he speaks. 147 people were classed as old BM, which is 4% of the total.

Do you really want to go on with this? Quizfarm has Lactose free milk to sell, and another quiz to take. QF uses the tried and true method of making statements, and asking if you agree or disagree, strongly or mildly. One of these statements is “9. Has someone said something hurtful about your vagina?” Number nine, number nine. There are 100 statements to go through here, which is too many. The result here is that PG is Janet Weiss…”You’re Janet Weiss A Heroine, a Slut You wanna be dirty”.

OK Cupid is the next star to walk on the red carpet. It is back to multiple choice, with no references to the soundtrack. Once again, PG is Columbia. “You are Columbia. You are free with your affection and adoration and you’re probably the most romantic and old fashioned of your friends. You may be hurt easily because of your willingness to put all your “emotional eggs” in one basket. Then along comes someone who takes advantage of your selfless and humble nature, Also, you have a high awareness of “right and wrong” with strong beliefs. Parents probably love you.”

Quibblo has an ad from the Publisher’s Clearing House. Above the ad for Bloomberg Business, there is a bonus question…”We’re sending one lucky member to see Lady Gaga LIVE in Los Angeles. Should we send YOU?” This facility says that PG is Rocky…”You are a quiet strong slave.”

Gotoquiz is the purple stripe of this rainbow. Question seven gets into the spirit… How do you dance? I tap!//I sort of run around and look scary//Swing baby!//Strut my stuff!//Fluid but meaningful movements//Kick my legs from my wheelchair. On this parade, PG is compared to Frank-N-Furter. “Blast off! You’re a super sexual, monster building, cherry popping, cannibalistic bastard! Woot!” Pictures for this entertainment are from The Library of Congress

Comment Sixty Six Point Six

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The following is a comment, left earlier today at a blog where PG is banned from commenting. There were 66 comments ahead of it, and the idea of being comment 66.6 was too much temptation to resist. It was deleted within an hour.

Pyromaniacs is a Jesus Worship blog. The post in question is about problems with the church today, and what can be done to fix these problems. The last two sentences of the post are
“If you will do that rather than sort of huffily object to this movie, you will suddenly be doing something more important than apologetics: you will be preaching the Gospel to all living things, and making disciples of them.That would be something new to try for all of us. I wonder if you’re up to it?”
PG lives in the Jesus happy United States of America. Officially we have religious freedom. However, the culture is dominated by Jesus. PG has heard the Jesus facilitated scheme for life after death at least a thousand times. He does not agree with it. Hearing it a thousand and one times, from someone who shouts at you and insults you, is not going to make him change his mind.

” Preaching the Gospel to all living things” is what the man says. All living things include pine trees, copperheads, and pigeons. Screaming at PG about going to hell is likely to have the same effect on pond scum, which is also a living thing.

So, PG saw 66 comments in the thread, and decided to make 66.6. A few more things followed.

Comment sixty six point six.
If you want to tell people about Jesus, then do so in a way they will understand.
You should earn his trust before you start to talk. (Both Jesus and the man you preach to.)
You should understand that things that motivate you might not motivate him.
You should try to create good will, both for Jesus and yourself.
Think of Jesus as your product. Sell yourself first, your company second, and your product third.
Not everyone agrees with you that the Bible is the word of G-d. Nor does everyone agree with your other ideas about G-d. Not everyone agrees with your ideas about Life after death. Not everyone is as excited about Life after death as you are.
What you say does not become more true just because you say it louder. Nor are people more inclined to listen to your message when you insult them.

Psycho Tests

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PG saw a couple of facebook listings for something called an Autism Spectrum Quotient. When something is shown on FB, the best thing to do is google it, and look for a version that is not FB connected. When ASQ tests were googled, there was a listing for something called an empathy quotient. This led to a page with four tests offered…Systemizing quotient test, Empathy quotient test,Autism Spectrum quotient test, Mind in the eyes test. To a person in the mood to take online tests, this counts as hitting the jackpot.

The page is called “Male vs female brains”, and is part of the digital funhouse run by Glenn Rowe . There is an explanation:
“Simon Baron-Cohen’s recent book The Essential Difference: Men, Women and the Extreme Male Brain proposes that “The female brain is predominantly hard-wired for empathy. The male brain is predominantly hard-wired for understanding and building systems.”
The book contains a couple of tests that calculate your “empathy quotient” and your “systemizing quotient”. There is also a test that measures your “autism quotient”, and a fascinating test that measures how good you are at discerning someone’s mood from their eyes…Don’t take these tests too seriously – Baron-Cohen himself says in his book that the ‘typical’ results are only averages, and many men and women differ in their scores.

The first test on the agenda is the systemizing quotient. The test is 60 statements, with four options for each…Definitely agree, Slightly agree,Slightly disagree, Definitely disagree. PG scored 14, which is considered low. Two statements were: “I find it difficult to understand instruction manuals for putting appliances together.//When I look at an animal, I like to know the precise species it belongs to.”

The second test is empathy quotient, which apparently is a female counterpart for the systemizing quotient. The test is formatted like the systemizing test. Two of the statements are “I find it easy to put myself in somebody else’s shoes// I think that good manners are the most important thing a parent can teach their child. ” Once again, PG got 14, which is low.

The autism spectrum test had only 50 statements. Two of them were ” I find it hard to make new friends. //. I notice patterns in things all the time.” PG got a 38, which is high.

The last test, reading the mind in the eyes, was a bit different. There were 36 questions. Each had a photograph of two eyes, and a choice between four descriptions, like “playful, comforting, irritated, bored”. PG got 21 correct, which is just a bit below average.

Pictures are from The Library of Congress.

The Earth Cries Uncle

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Juan Cole came up with a bit of “food for thought” the other day.
“A report by the World Wide Fund-UK examined the length of time it takes for nature to replenish renewable resources (trees, fish, soil, etc.) that all humans remove in a year. So long as those resources are restocked in a year or less, that situation should be sustainable indefinitely. The report concluded that it takes 1.3 years to replace what humans exploit in a year, and that deficit has been going on since the 1980s. In other words, rather than living on the biological interest, we are drawing down on our basic natural capital.”
David Suzuki, The Legacy

A commenter named “Travis Bickle” countered this assertion.
“This reminds me of “peak oil”, but that would be wrong: more oil can be discovered and there new technologies will emerge for economical extraction as its price rises. To some degree this is true of food, but at the depletion rates he cites we might also end up having to talk about Soyent Green at some point.
It will bear reading Suzuki’s book, but somehow I’m reminded of the Population Bomb, by Paul Ehrlich back in the late sixties, which had similar alarming conclusions. Looking out 20-40 years with straight line projections is at best tedious and simplistic. We now see a bunch of languishing Ethiopian fisherman adapting to bigger fish, and you never know what may happen if Obama gets cornered by domestic political gridlock into rolling the dice on something dramatic with Iran.To anyone who wants to get into specific long range forecasting, say past next week, Good Luck!”

Juan says: October 26, 2010 at 1:38 pm – “Ehrlich’s projections were averted by the green revolution, but the style of agriculture it promoted is itself highly polluting and not sustainable. You can only kick the can down the road so long.”

Michael says: October 26, 2010 at 6:16 pm – “Indeed! One thing lurking down the road is the depletion of cheap phosphorous in about 30 years. This isn’t to say more isn’t available, but thus far a cost effective replacement has not been found. Additionally, all the polluted runoff from here in corn country is killing the Gulf of Mexico. Another as reported in “Ominvore’s Dilemma” is the fact that our corn production requires 10 calories input for each calorie of output. With rising energy prices, this is unsustainable until operations become more efficient.”

The comment about peak oil is telling. The easy to extract oil is long gone. Jed can shoot his rifle all day long without hitting oil. The Deepwater Horizon was drilling in water that is one mile deep. If anything goes wrong, they have to go through 1600 meters of salt water to fix it. Add profit happy companies that don’t worry about safety, and you have a formula for disaster.

Yes, we are feeding a larger population today, and in the rich countries some are quite comfortable. But the earth is paying a price. When you factor in the changing ph balance of the oceans ( from carbon pollution), oil spills, and aggressive fishing, you might have a situation where the oceans are great big salty sludge pits. Maybe some free market motivated scientist will come up with a solution for all this, and kick the can down the road for another hundred years.

Pictures are from ” The Special Collections and Archives,Georgia State University Library”.


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There were a couple of good features the other day about water. H2O is one of the four elements, and is utterly vital to life on earth. Water and fire ( or the combination of air and earth) are perhaps the two unique features of the planet, and could be considered the product of G-d ( who is sometimes considered the fifth element). Water is often in short supply, even as the majority of the planet is covered with it.

A Philosopher’s Blog has a feature, “The future of water”. (Philosopher uses the Journalist 1.3 template, the same as Chamblee54). This post is more of an overview, about the way in which civilization increases the use of water.
“To be specific, as developing nations develop, they will tend to use more water per person as diets, hygiene practices, and consumer consumption changes. For example, if a person in China goes from living in a village to living in a city and starts eating more meat and buying more consumer goods, then that person’s water use (direct and indirect) will increase. After all, water consumption is not just about what we drink or flush. It also includes what is needed to grow our food, make our stuff, and so on.”
A list of related articles leads to Water is the new oil. There is more beef here. Speaking of beef, did you know that it takes 15,000 liters of water to produce a kilo of beef, compared to 1,000 liters for a kilo of wheat. ( Beef produces more carbon pollution as well. One disaster at a time.)

It seems as though Russia has the planet’s second largest supply of fresh water (after Brazil). The world’s largest lake, with 20 percent of the world’s fresh water (Baikal), is in Russia. The trouble is, Baikal is in south Siberia, near Mongolia, and a long pipeline away from the Russian population centers. ( It is a bit closer to water short North China, but there are some more politics to deal with. )

Many of the world’s poor nations are the ones with the worst water shortages. Often, the shortages are compounded by contamination issues.
“Health problems which poor water quality can cause are also hard to deny, with an estimated 80 per cent of diseases in the world linked to it in some way. For instance, world’s largest mass arsenic poisoning – which is believed to have affected up to 77 million people in Bangladesh over 40 years and account for some 20 per cent of deaths in the country – was caused by contaminated water. “
The water in the oceans has salt, and is unfit for drinking or agriculture. Desalination is an expensive, energy intensive process. Steps are being made to improve the efficiency of this desalination. This will help only the coastal regions, which historically have the largest watersheds feeding into them.

As you may know, the Atlanta water supply is a ticking time bomb. The metro area draws on a tiny watershed, and has been developed without concern over future water supplies. The politicians in the elections this year are notoriously silent on this issue. They know that building a pipeline to the Tennessee River will be an expensive affair, but they are too busy promising to cut taxes.

Unintended Consequences

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The innertubes turned up a couple of good quotes. The first one is from a page about Georgia History. The other is from Lawrence of Cyberia. The pictures are from The Library of Congress

October 25, 1885 By a margin of just over 200 votes, voters of Atlanta and Fulton County approved a referendum providing for prohibition. [For a background to Georgia’s prohibition movement in the 1880s, click here .] The vote to prohibite the sale of alcoholic beverages would result in one unintended–but very important–consequence. At the time, a French wine named Vin Mariani was popular in America. The Bordeaux wine was distinct because it was treated with coca leaves. This inspired Atlanata druggist John S. Pemberton in 1884 to capitalize on the craze by developing what he initially called Pemberton’s French Wine Coca. However, with prohibition now in effect in Atlanta and Fulton County, Pemberton turned his attention to developing a non-alcoholic, cola version of his French Wine Coca. He decided to call the new beverage Coca-Cola, which he then promoted widely as the ideal temperance beverage. Atlanta’s experiment with prohibition only lasted two years, after which Pemberton returned to producing his French Wine Coca. But it was his carbonated cola drink that would become the most popular soft drink in the world.

The theory that the Jews are to come into Palestine and oust the Moslem cultivators by ‘equitable purchase’ or other means is in violation of principles of sound policy, and would, if accepted, arouse violent outbreaks against the Jewish minority. It would, moreover, arouse fierce Moslem hostility and fanaticism against the Western powers that permitted it. The effect of this hostility would be felt all through the Middle East, and would cause trouble in Syria, Mesopotamia, Egypt, and India. To this might be ascribed by future historians the outbreak of a great war between the white and the brown races, a war into which America would without doubt be drawn.

Zionist Aspirations in Palestine , by H. Anstruther Mackay (Military Governor of Ramleh, Palestine); The Atlantic Monthly, July 1920.

Jail Story

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Jails can be confusing. The story began when “P” got to spend a weekend as a guest of the county. He was supposed to get out at 6pm Sunday, and PG was going to take him home.

PG had to hold his hand in front of his face when making the turn onto Camp Circle to keep the sun out. He could not see the sign, and was hoping this was the right road. The word was that “P” would be released from the Bobby Burgess building, a lowrise down the hill from the fortress like big jail. The only place for parking was marked for county employees only, but it was mostly empty. PG found a spot in the corner, and started to read about fixer up houses in backwoods Georgia.

At 6:15, PG decided to look around. He walked to the other side of the Burgess Building, pushed the button the intercom, and got no reply. He did not see “P”, or anyone else. It was time to walk up to the big house and ask some questions.

The sign on the door said Sheriff’s office, and PG decided to look for the proper entrance. He wound up walking all around the building. The Jail is a huge building, towering over Memorial Drive like a fortress. In another life, PG had worked in an architect’s office where this facility was designed. Finally, the 360 degree tour was over, and PG walked in the door he had passed by the first time.

There was a sign, indicating that no cell phones were allowed in the building. PG turned his off, and talked to the guard running the metal detector. Yes, all detainees would be released at the jail, not the Bobby Burgess building. That lady over there can tell you whether your friend is here. PG went back to put his cell phone away, and move his car to the approved parking lot. He had missed the entrance to this lot the first time he came in.

PG drove around the block, and went by the front of the Burgess building. That was of no use, and he went to the parking lot. Going up to the big house from there, with the metal detector letting him in. The next move was standing in line to talk to the information lady. She had never heard of “P”.

This was very confusing. Going home without “P” was not a pleasing option, but it looked more and more likely. Another walk down to the Burgess Building did not yield results. Finally, walking up the hill to the parking lot, there was a skinny man walking down the hill. “Hey”. It was 7:05. By justice system standards, this was not bad.

Councilman Gets Down

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HT to the fun lovers at Peach Pundit for this video. It is tough to say who is more in the wrong here. The white guy should not have interrupted, but when the black guy came back with “I’m not in the cotton field”, he left himself wide open for what followed.

In more media news, Wikileaks has released a truckload of documents thumbdrive about the war in Babylon. Appearing on Democracy Now, Daniel Ellsberg made a comment that resonated with former document shuffler PG.

“DANIEL ELLSBERG: Four hundred thousand documents, allegedly. It is, of course, a leak on a scale that I couldn’t have done forty years ago without scanners and digital capability. I used the most advanced technology at that time, Xerox, and I couldn’t have done what I did ten years before that. AMY GOODMAN: You xeroxed 7,000 pages? DANIEL ELLSBERG: Yes. It took a long time, one page at a time. So I’m quite jealous of the current capabilities.”

Another segment of Democracy Now featured a dialog between Lt. Dan Choi and “Lesbian activist” mattilda bernstein sycamore. Mattilda wonders if including queers in the killing machine is really a good idea. Lt. Choi countered with this:
“war is a force that gives us meaning. War is a force that teaches us lessons of humanity and allows us to realize something about our society and teaches us the lessons that we probably should have learned before we went to war.”
Black and white pictures today are from ” The Special Collections and Archives,Georgia State University Library” . The screen shots of Mattilda and Lt. Choi are by PG, who thinks that Lt. Choi would look good wearing a pink tie.

Drones Are Still Like Abortions

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This is a repost . Not much has changed in the last 365 days. The killing of women and children by robot planes continues. The war criminal President has not returned the Nobel Peace Prize. The latest news is that American citizens who are labeled terrorist will be murdered.
The New American Foundation has a report on the drone attacks on Pakistan. These attacks have increases dramatically under BHO, who recently won the Nobel Peace Prize. HT to Andrew Sullivan, Atlantic Magazine, and The New Yorker.
Drones are unmanned aircraft operated by remote control. There is no human at risk (to us) in these operations. These reports do not mention how many drones have been shot down. These attacks are going on in Pakistan (which theoretically is not at war with the United States), and in secret operations around the world.

Drone attacks are like abortions. In a typical procedure, the doctor and mother are at little risk, and the baby dies. Abortion is safer than childbirth, just like drones are safer than aircraft with human crews. Safer, that is, for the human crew. Drones are just as deadly for the women and children on the ground as manned aircraft.

The issue of civilian casualties continues. Estimates range from 6% to 85 % of the deaths are civilians. This is going to be impossible to verify, with militants exaggerating and Americans denying. The lowest estimates are from the long war journal. It should be noted that if these operations were happening in America, and white citizens were being killed, a 6% rate of civilian death would be an outrage. However, when you are talking about dark skinned Muslims eight time zones away, a human life if worth less, compared to the military advantage gained.

One thing from the NAF report caught the eye here. “As a result of the unprecedented 41 drone strikes into Pakistan …about a half-dozen leaders of militant organizations have been killed–including two heads of Uzbek terrorist groups allied with al Qaeda.” What are Uzbek terrorist groups doing in Pakistan? Are we making attacks in Uzbekistan now?

Another eye popper is in the appendix. This is from a list of drone attacks.

24. June 23
Location: Makeen, South Waziristan (funeral of militants killed in earlier strike)
Al Qaeda/Taliban leaders killed: Unknown
Al Qaeda/Taliban killed: At least 45
Others killed: 45-83 (including militants)

We are attacking funerals. This is what gets POTUS the Nobel Peace Prize.

In addition to the moral disaster of killing women and children with unmanned aircraft, there are some strategic issues. The fighters have been staying in the mountainous frontier of Pakistan and Afghanistan. This is the area being attacked. There are indications that the fighters are moving into more populated areas of Pakistan. They will be more difficult to fight there, and can radicalize the population.

When you drop a bomb on an outpost, you destroy cell phones, computers, and paperwork. These items can be of value for determining the future plans of the fighters. Also, dead men tell no tales. Remember the ticking time bomb in the torture debates? What is someone knows where that ticking bomb is, but we kill him? He is not going to be able to tell us where that bomb is, torture or no torture.

If the goal of the war in Stan Land is to destroy the terrorists, then we should question whether killing leaders is going to do the trick. Drone attacks are a tactic, not a strategy. (Like terrorism is a tactic, and not an enemy.)The anger that fuels these terrorists is not going to go away, and the leaders that are killed are going to be replaced. These attacks may slow down the resistance, but they will not destroy it.

Politically Correct Virus

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Juan Cole has a report on terrorism in the European Union. The centerpiece of this report is the EUROPOL TE-SAT 2010 EU TERRORISM SITUATION AND TREND REPORT. The report was produced by Europol , the European law enforcement agency.

The study will be surprising to those who listen to talk radio. Most terror incidents in Europe are from separatist movements. In 2009, one terror incident in Europe was connected to Islam.

Europe is still aware of Islamic terrorism. The Detroit underwear bomber began his journey in Amsterdam. The 911 attacks were planned in Germany.

The Muslim story in Europe is different from America. There are many more Muslims in Europe, and many are poor. There is more freedom to practice religion in America, and few attempts to outlaw Muslim clothing.

Pictures today are from The Library of Congress. They were taken by Dorethea Lange.

PG started some trouble in a comment thread last night. The comment was in response to a diavlog at BloggingheadsTV (spell check suggestions:Wrongheadedness,Footslogging) featuring Mona Eltahawy & Claire Berlinski. The two ladies discussed the problem of being “moderate” Muslims in a world where moderation was not appreciated. PG started the fuss with this comment:

This is a great conversation, with good sound quality. If it is not painful to listen, then you can focus on the content.The thought occurs, that if you were to substitute “Christian” for “Muslim”, that many of the same points could be made. Moderation is well thought of in almost all fields except religion, where the more radical a person is, the more likely he is to be accepted.

This is a problem with Jesus Worship in America. The more extreme your views, the more likely you are to have a following. Moderation is not seen as a virtue. There are probably some Bible verses ( be hot or I will spit you out, or something like that ) that go along with this concept. This attitude can make it difficult to work together with people with whom you have much common ground, but a few differences of religious opinion.

One hour and fifty nine minutes later, this reply was made.

whburgess wrote on 10/21/2010 at 12:59 AM
Quoting chamblee54: This is a great conversation, with good sound quality. If it is not painful to listen, then you can focus on the content.The thought occurs, that if you were to substitute “Christian” for “Muslim”, that many of the same points could be made. Moderation is well thought of in almost all fields except religion, where the more radical a person is, the more likely he is to be accepted.___Yes, the thought occurs almost immediately in brains infected by the politically correct virus.

Don Zeko wrote on 10/21/2010 at 01:08 AM
Quoting whburgess: Yes, the thought occurs almost immediately in brains infected by the politically correct virus.___Fortunately for whburgess, this sort of rhetoric indicates that he is free of both the “politically correct virus” and the “factually correct virus.” Phew.

whburgess wrote on 10/21/2010 at 01:09 AM
Quoting Don Zeko: Fortunately for whburgess, this sort of rhetoric indicates that he is free of both the “politically correct virus” and the “factually correct virus.” Phew.___Somewhere an example would be in order, wouldn’t it?

Don Zeko wrote on 10/21/2010 at 01:13 AM
Quoting whburgess: Somewhere an example would be in order, wouldn’t it?___Well I’m sure I could provide one if you’d made an argument, but instead I’m stuck extrapolating from the absurd phrase “politically correct virus.” I’ve tried to imagine some sort of reasonable argument or correct statement about the world that I might reasonably expect to follow such rhetoric, but I just can’t.

whburgess wrote on 10/21/2010 at 01:14 AM
Quoting Don Zeko: Well I’m sure I could provide one if you’d made an argument, but instead I’m stuck extrapolating from the absurd phrase “politically correct virus.” I’ve tried to imagine some sort of reasonable argument or correct statement about the world that I might reasonably expect to follow such rhetoric, but I just can’t.___Yes, just as I suspected.

Don Zeko wrote on 10/21/2010 at 01:18 AM
Quoting whburgess: Yes, just as I suspected.___Glad to live up to expectations. If you’re unhappy with the fact-deficient nature of this exchange, how about you share some of your thoughts on the DV? Do you think that Eltahawy or Berlinski’s brains are infected with the politically correct virus?

whburgess wrote on 10/21/2010 at 01:27 AM
Quoting Don Zeko: Do you think that Eltahawy or Berlinski’s brains are infected with the politically correct virus?___Certainly not Berlinski. I liked her and what she had to say a lot. Eltahawy–I’m not as sure of. She seemed about to say some of moral equivalancy nonsense so indicative of the virus, but Berlinski wasn’t having it.